Guest Post: What To Look For In A Sales Team Retreat

What To Look For In A Sales Team Retreat

Often times, sales can seem like a very individual profession. Despite being part of a company, an individual in sales is typically focused first on day-to-day tasks. Secondly, they focus on hitting his or her personal targets. Finally, they think about advancement, if we’re honest! The truth of the matter however is that company sales are a team effort performed by numerous individuals. Each have different methods of selling with what’s ultimately the same pitch. It is a team sport, so to speak. As such, with any business-related team, time together can be invaluable. This is where a sales team retreat can help.

I’m writing specifically about the idea of sales team retreats, which carry numerous benefits and can improve everything from team morale to productivity. Even in sales… Especially in sales, some managers might argue that it’s important to have everyone on the same page. This way, team members understand, appreciate, and relate to each other. They may even ideally share friendships. The trouble is figuring our exactly what kind of retreat to have. Even if you agree with everything to this point, it can be difficult deciding on what specifically you hope to get from a retreat. Further, what sort of retreat accomplishes that goal. The following range of suggestions, however, might just get you thinking.

Sales Team Retreat Idea #1: Team Hiking – Build Patience, Understanding, & Compassion

Hiking is a broad term that can mean days away from civilisation camping each night. Or, it may be a long walk to take up your Saturday. Different options might be appropriate for different teams. Fortunately, there are amazing walks outside of Melbourne that make this a very achievable sort of retreat for anyone local. As for what you’ll get out of it, hiking actually involves quite a bit of give and take between team members. Some will naturally be inclined to go faster or slower. They may stop and take pictures or to plug along the route, etc. Everyone hikes a little bit differently, and so for a whole team to do it together requires some patience, understanding, and compassion. These are the types of team attributes we typically chalk up to “time.” However, on a hike every now and then you can actually more or less practice them.

Sales Team Retreat Idea #2: Sporting Event – Foster More Natural Relationships

Melbourne certainly isn’t hurting for sporting events. Early in the year events like the Australian Open and the Australian Grand Prix bring in spectators from all over the world. Throughout the year, cricket and Aussie rules football (as well as regular football) command attention. And later in the year, the Melbourne Cup constitutes a national holiday as the biggest event in Australian racing. There are all kinds of fun options for a local business or sales team retreat. Rest assured, live sports make for a good day to build relationships. Simply put, people like to let loose when watching sports. They tend to be their natural selves at these events. This isn’t appropriate for all businesses. However, depending on the company environment, it can be great for team members to get to know each other in a more real, natural way. Sports can make it happen!

Sales Team Retreat Idea #3: Wine Tasting – Unlock Honesty & Relax

Here too, Melbourne is far from lacking. Yarra Valley wine tours are known the world over, and in fact it’s one of the country’s best spots to have a wine tour. In Australia, this is really saying something! Needless to say, not every manager or company director will want to conduct any kind of sales team retreat that revolves around drinking. However, so long as people don’t go overboard it can actually be a great opportunity to accomplish more or less the same thing you get out of a sporting event. People may just be more themselves. This is not necessarily because of alcohol consumption, but because sipping delicious wine in a setting worthy of a postcard has a way of easing tension.

Sales Team Retreat Idea #4: Local Hotel – Accomplish Specific Goals

We don’t need to get into the local specifics here, as it goes without saying that there are plenty of excellent hotels in Melbourne, at all different price ranges. The idea however is that sometimes close proximity. Shared facilities and communal areas can give you everything you need to have a particularly effective sales team retreat. That is, staying at a hotel for a night or two – even in your hometown – can force the team into meals together, as well as provide access to conference rooms and other places where team-building activities can happen. This makes specific goals easier to accomplish. It’s not quite as unique or exciting, but it can certainly be effective.

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