Your Situation

Many introverts believe that they don’t have it in themselves to sell effectively. Typically, people with outgoing personalities are considered to be better suited to sales. Thankfully, modern selling doesn’t require your team members to be extroverts. Sales coaching can help leverage an introvert’s natural skills to sell more than ever before.

If you have individuals in your team who consider themselves introverted, all we require is that they have a positive and open mindset. This means that they are willing to change and put the effort in to be more effective. Mind you, we won’t ask them to be anything but their authentic selves!

The Solution

Sales coaching provides one-to-one attention for individuals who need a little extra hand, or to maximise results from high performers. Because the service is tailored to individuals, we can take any introvert to their next level of achievement.

While we call this service sales coaching, it is actually sales mentoring as well. The key difference is that coaching involves asking questions for the coachee to reach solutions, mentoring offers them proactively. We use a combination of both to reach optimal results.

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Ben Lai, Lead Sales Coach
Sales Coaching Melbourne & Adelaide

Who is this sales coaching for?

Our sales coaching is ideal for customer service, technical support, and any other non-sales teams. We work best with individuals who have positive attitudes, open mindsets, and are willing to put in hard work. Because sales and personal improvement is a universal skill, we work with any industry. We have provided sales coaching for manufacturing, coffee, and even pet minding!

What is involved?

As part of our sales coaching, we will speak or meet with the coachee on a regular basis. We recommend weekly contact, but can arrange bi-weekly or monthly. At each session, we will review past goals, problem-solve obstacles, and set new goals for the following period. Through regular accountability and improvement, sales and performance will certainly rise!

Where is the sales coaching conducted?

Sales coaching can be provided in-person under certain circumstances, but is mostly via video conferencing or the phone. Although we mostly operate in Melbourne and Adelaide, the wonders of technology allow us to provide sales coaching in nearly any country!

Why ETHOS Sales Coaching?

Our sales training is Ethical, Transparent, Holistic, Organic, and Scientific. If your company values ethical and evidence-based practices, we will likely be a good match for each other!

Furthermore, we are the only sales coaching provider focusing on introverts!

How will sales coaching benefit?

Our sales coaching is holistic. Rather than focusing solely on sales techniques, we develop the whole person. In addition to discussing sales techniques, we work on improving personal habits. What you do outside of work impacts how you perform at work!

Do you coach sales teams?

Of course! Our sales coaching is well suited to sales professionals. If you want your team to focus on the fundamentals of selling, ETHOS sales coaching is ideal. We have worked with numerous sales teams with fantastic results.

Sales Coaching Case Study

Gavin Hopper, ICEF


Gavin worked as a sales contractor for ICEF for 10 years. Although he consistently met sales targets, he felt like he could have been doing more. As a matter of fact, Gavin averaged $400,000 per annum in sales! Consequently, he engaged with Sales Ethos for sales coaching in the search for self-improvement.

Sales Coaching Intervention

Together, Gavin and Sales Ethos set an ambitious goal to achieve $800,000 in sales over the next 12 months. Each week, Ben Lai coached him on sales strategies and goals. Sales Ethos provided Gavin with the required tools, accountability, and strategies to keep focused and motivated. As a result, Gavin developed new personal habits that enabled him to reach new heights of achievement.


After 10 months, Gavin had achieved and exceeded the $800,000 target. Consequently, this placed him as the #2 top performer globally. In addition to higher commissions, Gavin felt greater fulfilment knowing that he had grown and pushed himself to greater heights.

Sales Coaching Case Study

Sam, Emporio Coffee


Emporio Coffee is a family business. As a young starter in the company, Sam was responsible for sourcing new business by visiting cafes in-person. At the beginning, Sam was making appointments with about 1 cafe owner for every 10 approaches.

Sales Coaching Intervention

Ben Lai coached Sam for 3 months. In that time, Sam learned different ways of approaching cafe owners that focused on giving vaule rather than selling coffee. In addition, Sam began implementing new strategies for negotiating deals that differentiated Emporio from cheaper competitors.


Within weeks, Sam’s conversion rate for appointments increased from 10% to 40%. This resulted in numerous new sales opportunities. Consequently, within 3 months, several deals were closed and Emporio Coffee received a handsome return on its investment for sales coaching.



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