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Sales coaching and mentoring

Ignite your sales and sell with purpose, with tailored coaching and mentoring. Built on emotional intelligence. Focused on you.

9+ Years Coaching & Mentoring Experience
Tailored to Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Clients from Startups to $80M+ Annual Turnover

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Sell with confidence

Selling isn’t just for those with the ‘gift of the gab’. It’s a skill anyone can grow. And through our coaching programs, you can improve your sales, customer relationships and performance. No matter your experience. How?

Our sales coaching starts and ends with YOU. We personalise our sales coaching to your goals, needs and experience. All with a values-driven approach – and built on emotional intelligence – to set you up for long-term success.

Phoebe Testimonial for Sales Ethos

Sales coaching that focuses on you

Our sales coaching not only identifies areas of improvement, it focuses on your needs and aligns with your values. We then incorporate the latest selling methods, emotional intelligence insights, and sales tools to help you succeed.

“Our sales coaching starts and ends with YOU. We personalise our sales coaching to your goals, needs and experience. All with a values-driven approach – and built on emotional intelligence – to set you up for long-term success.”

Our sales coaching programs at a glance

1-on-1 personalised sales coaching and mentoring

Suitable for introverts

Ethical approach, built on emotional intelligence

Weekly coaching plus live feedback and advice

Coaching with dedicated sales coach and mentor, Ben Lai

Remote coaching, Melbourne and Australia wide

Coaching for sales professionals and entrepreneurs

Weekly sales training modules to enhance your coaching

Coaching personalised to your sales journey

We’ve been helping sales professionals across Melbourne and Australia sell for over nine years.

Whether you lack confidence or want to enhance your sales skills, sales coach Ben Lai can coach you to selling success.

Gavin Hopper Testimonial for Sales Ethos

How we tailor your sales coaching program

We customise your sales coaching by taking the time to understand you, your experience, goals, and defining what sales success looks like to you.

Each and every sales coaching program is unique – tailored to your specific needs – incorporating sales training, live feedback and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Our 4 step coaching approach

Identify and define

Training and development
One on one coaching sessions
Sales processes and toolkit
Identify and define
Working with sales coach Ben Lai, define your professional and business goals and measures of success. Creating accountability and clear targets for your coaching journey.
Training and development
Gain access to and discuss new training modules (and topics) each week. Getting direct feedback on how to apply learnings to your specific circumstances in your one-on-one coaching.
Coaching and mentoring
Attend weekly mentoring sessions with sales coach Ben Lai, getting regular feedback and advice specific to your learning and each week’s topic focus.
Sales process and toolkit

Refine and enhance your sales performance and process – from networking and acquisition to conversion. Gaining sales engagement templates for LinkedIn (email or other channels) that convert, creating compelling sales content for prospecting.

Ready to take the next step?

Book a one-on-one meeting with Ben to start your conversation.

1:1 discussion

No-oblication call

Start within a week

Coaching and mentoring options

Sales coaching for sales professionals

Our  sales coaching programs are ideal for sales professionals, sales teams, customer service and technical staff, or other non-sales teams wanting to enhance their selling skills. 

Coaching sessions can also be provided bi-weekly or monthly.

  • Tailored coaching plan from 1 to 12 months
  • Sessions provided remotely or in-person on request
  • Weekly online training modules and coaching
  • Session recordings and additional support
  • Sales meeting and pitch feedback
  • Dedicated coaching and mentoring with sales coach Ben Lai
  • Lifetime access to the Sales Ethos sales training library

Coaching that makes a difference

Our clients are proof that our ethical approach to sales coaching makes a difference. We don’t just coach on the latest sales techniques to boost performance. It’s about ethically selling with emotional intelligence, creating customer connections that last.

Ben is a great coach. He knows the challenges sales people face very well and has a solution for all those challenges. He is easy to talk to, very supportive, professional, and genuine in his approach.

He helped me transform how how I think about sales and become a lot more effective in my work as a sales person. I started seeing results within weeks.

If you want to enjoy sales and also see real improvement in your results, you should definitely talk to Ben. Put in the required effort and follow his advise, and you can achieve all your ambitious goals. Mine was to increase revenue by 50% and I achieved that before the training was over!

I have no hesitation in recommending Ben’s classes and sales coaching.
Peter Buchan

Director and Founder of Sales Ethos

Meet your sales trainer: Ben Lai

Did you know that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a far greater predictor of sales success than IQ? Fortunately, Emotional Intelligence is a fully learnable skill!

Our ethical and values-focused approach will help you challenge and reset your mindset, inspire motivation, and enhance how you sell. Helping you strengthen relationships, boost your performance, and (most importantly) sell with integrity, empathy and authenticity.