Knowing how to sell is never enough. Sales consultants need motivation, accountability, and guidance to perform at their best. If you are going to invest in sales training, it is critical that you couple it with sales coaching so your staff put what they know to good use.

If you hold multiple roles within your company and are unable to focus on coaching your sales team, Sales Ethos’ sales coaching may be ideal for your situation. At a fraction of the cost of hiring a sales manager, we will help your consultants perform at their very best. Sales Ethos will help them see sales as a noble profession, tap into their internal motivators, and keep them accountable for their sales goals.

Another major benefit of sales coaching is continuous reinforcement of sales best practices. All salespeople inevitably create weakness “blind spots” through routines and habits. Having an external coach will challenge them to question and refine their methods.

What’s Involved in Sales Ethos’ Sales Coaching?

Sales Ethos’ sales coaching is fully personalised and one-to-one. Rather than holding sessions monthly, we conduct sessions for 30 minutes weekly to ensure maximum effect. The more frequent the interaction, the more focus participants have. Sessions are typically conducted over the phone, but can be in-person if bundled with our sales training.

Each session typically comprises of three main agenda items: 1. How did the attendee go with achieving their goals? 2. What didn’t go well, and how could we improve? 3. What new goals will we set for the coming week? We utilise the GROW model, which is commonly used with professional coaches worldwide.

During discussions, we will teach your sales consultants what they need to be successful, and keep them focused on what is truly important. Our expertise in personal development and time management complement our sales techniques training, creating a holistic experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sales coaching effective?

Sales Coaching

Coaching is one of the most effective and timeless methods of personal improvement. Historically, everyone of accomplishment has always had someone to teach them the ropes and guide them to greatness. The effectiveness of sales coaching will primarily depend on the participants’ willingness to work with the coach.

Frequency of Sales Coaching

As mentioned, monthly engagements are ineffective because they lack consistent reinforcement. Our natural human tendency is to revert back to old habits within a short period, typically a week. Therefore, it is critical to use a weekly engagement model for maximum effect.

How do I choose which sales coach to use?

There are many great sales coaches available in Melbourne. Each has their own unique expertise and way of contributing to the sales profession. Sales Ethos strongly recommend you follow the same guidelines provided on our sales training page for choosing a provider:

1. Aligned values

Does the coach value the same things you do? Sales coaching must fit your workplace culture to ensure mutual achievement of goals. Furthermore, this alignment ensures better uptake and application of the materials. Ask yourself – “Does this coach and our company have ‘chemistry’?” and “Will their methods fit with our sales ethos?” If either answer is “no”, you may benefit from looking at other providers.

2. Accountability for results

Sales Ethos believes that coaching clients should not ever have to bear 100% of the risk in a transaction. If the vendor has no “skin in the game,” their level of commitment should be put into question. Some questions you may ask include “How will we know the coaching is effective?” and “How can you mitigate our risk?” While the benefits of coaching may be intangible, you can ask your sales consultants to provide feedback and use performance KPI’s as measures.

3. Proven Methodologies

Sales coaching needs to be motivating and practical. Coaches need to be able to demonstrate that their methods work through case studies and/or rigorous research. You may want to ask “Where do you source your training materials?” and “What results have you achieved with similar companies?” Choose a sales coach that has proven results and based their sales coaching on proven strategies.

What’s different about Sales Ethos’ sales coaching?

Our Focus

As the name Sales Ethos indicates, our sales coaching focuses on changing the sales culture. Client interests must come first, as businesses’ long-term success are determined by their ability to effectively serve its clients. Sales skills and techniques are important, however we believe that these should be built upon a foundation of ethics.

Our Values

We firmly believe that in every sale, the client must be the bigger winner. Pushy and manipulative tactics are stricly advised against. Ultimately, there must be consistency between what we as sales consultants believe, say, and do.

Our Approach

Our sales coaching takes a holistic approach to building up salespeople. It enables us to work with individuals at their level, helping them to find purpose in their sales efforts. We begin with addressing their beliefs about selling, business, and money. By addressing consultants’ core philosophies about these ideas, we set the stage for peak performance in selling.

Where is Sales Ethos’ sales coaching held?

Sales Coaching Options

When engaging with us, we offer two options for sales coaching – at your company’s premises or over the phone. We will come to your premises for face-to-face sessions if coupled with our sales training. While ideal, it is not always necessary for achieving increased sales.