How Sales Training Can Benefit Your Organisation

Are your sales figures in a slump? Consequently, are you looking for ways to accelerate your sales team’s performance? Sales Ethos can help you and your team through sales training.

Imagine managing a team of highly motivated sales professionals without any doubt that they will hit their targets. They are clear on what they need to do. In addition, they do it without being asked! As a result, your salespeople consistently meet their quotas. They propel you and your organisation to record sales.

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Sales Training for Organisations

Empower your sales team with proven sales techniques for modern buyers

What does your team struggle with? Our sales training courses are tailored to fill their skill gaps. We can help them to:

  • Warm up cold calls
  • Book more appointments with new prospects
  • Be more consultative and value-centric
  • Negotiate and close more deals confidently
  • Much, much more!

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What is sales training?

What is sales training?

Sales training is the process of teaching staff the mindsets and skills of selling your company’s products. If done well, it results in increased sales activities, conversion rates, and sales revenue. In addition, trained staff will feel more loyal to your company.

Typically sales training is conducted in a classroom environment. The facilitator explains various aspects of the sales process. For example, they may share strategies for finding prospects or closing the sale.

Excellent facilitators will continuously engage with participants to ensure that they remember and apply the content. For instance, they may use role play for staff to practice what they have learned.

What is a sales training program?

What is a sales training program?

A sales training program is a course designed to help your sales team achieve greater results. Unsurprisingly, a good program should be customised to your company’s unique industry and needs. Its content should cover every step of the sales process. Typically this includes lead generation, consultative selling, presenting, and closing.

There are of course many other topics that can be covered. For example, the sales training program could cover soft skills like emotional intelligence. Or, it may include personal development modules that build on attitudes and ethics.

A sales training program would not be complete without covering time management skills. Many sales professionals struggle to organise their time properly, leading to massive waste of their selling time.

Who would benefit most from sales training?

Who would benefit most from sales training?

If your company has sales staff who are underperforming, the missing link could be sales training. In our experience, there are still many sales professionals who have not updated their skills to suit modern buyers. As a result, they struggle to book appointments. Further, techniques that worked in the past prove fruitless. These type of salespeople would benefit most from the course.

Alternatively, if your company has non-sales staff who need to sell as part of their role, sales training can very quickly increase your revenue. For example, if your technical staff or customer service representatives deal with clients on a dailiy basis, they will benefit greatly from learning selling skills.

My staff are not salespeople. Can they be taught to sell?

My staff are not salespeople. Can they be taught to sell?

Absolutely! Contrary to popular belief, no one is a “born salesperson!” It seems like While selling does not come naturally to most people, it is 100% learnable. As a natural introvert, Ben Lai was terrified of selling at the beginning of his sales career. As a result, Sales Ethos specialises in working with non-sales staff.

Our methods will help your people overcome negative beliefs about sales, money, and profit. Consequently, they will sell with ethics, conviction, and purpose!

Does sales training work?

Does sales training work?

While we’d like to think that sales training will solve all your revenue problems, it’s certainly not for everybody. Whether it will work for your company will depend on a number of factors. We would need to determine what the cause of your revenue problems are before recommending our courses.

For example, if your salespeople are simply unaware of modern selling techniques, sales training will benefit greatly. Conversely, if your salespeople are not open to changing their ways, it will have no effect!

Negative influences:

  • Lack of involvement from management. As a result, there is a lack of support for implementing new sales strategies.
  • Conflict of values. If the culture doesn’t support the training, it will be ignored.
  • No reinforcement. Consequently, the team goes back to their old ways!

Positive influences:

  • Buy-in from managment. They encourage and embrace the new sales strategies.
  • Alignment in values. The training helps the team to feel that their work is meaningful. It is purpose driven.
  • Regular reinfocement. The team reviews their learnings regularly. As a result, they put it into practice and achieve greater results.

Business coaching that predictably generates new business

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your first and most critical problem is generating leads for your new venture. Rather than pouring money into experimental marketing campaigns, invest in a proven system for finding and securing new clients. As a result of coaching, you will learn how to:

  • Use LinkedIn as a prospecting and marketing tool
  • Book more appointments with new prospects
  • Conduct first meetings to generate interest in your product
  • Overcome self-doubt and nervousness when asking for the order
  • …and much, much more!

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Sales Coaching for Entrepreneurs

I'm a director of a startup business. Do I need a business coach?

I’m a director of a startup busienss. Do I need a business coach?

First of all, congratulations on embarking on this journey! While money might be tight at the beginning, consider weighing up the cost of not having a business coach. Consequently, what revenue opportunities might you miss? Similarly, how much is good advice worth?

Having a mentor can help in three ways. Firstly, they focus your efforts on the right activities. Secondly, they save you from making costly mistakes. Weigh these up with the proposed investment in a business coach. Finally, a business coach will teach you what you need to know to be successful.

Finally, prior to engaging with a business coach, identify your business obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your goals. Find one who can fill that gap. If you are looking for a Melbourne business coach, and your gap is generating sales revenue, click here for a complimentary consultation!

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