Do you have customer service or technical support staff who need to sell as part of their job? Your team may be resistant to selling because of bad experiences with unethical salespeople. Further, as introverts, they may not think of themselves as “natural salespeople.” As a result, our sales training in Melbourne caters to introverts’ organic selling style.

Sales Ethos can help your team to sell effectively without natural sales talent. In addition, they won’t need to be pushy or use manipulative sales techniques. Introverts are naturally consultative, caring, and considerate. Therefore, the ETHOS selling method leverages introverts’ natural selling style to bring out the best in them.

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Sales Training Melbourne

BEN LAI, Director
Sales Training Melbourne


Our sales training is:

ETHICAL – we abide by ethical and moral principles resulting in long-term success

TRANSPARENT – we are truthful and forthcoming, building trust

HOLISTIC – we develop the WHOLE sales professional, not just sales techniques

ORGANIC – we build relationships by authentically caring for our clients

SCIENTIFIC – we use evidence based practices, yielding predictable results


Sales Training Melbourne

Sales Training Melbourne Clients
Sales Training Melbourne Clients

Featured Blog: How to Sell as an Introvert, and Why They Are Perfect for Sales

I am a natural introvert. Consequently, when I first started my sales career, I was terrified to pick up the phone to call existing clients to sell our products. The fact that I am now a sales trainer is proof that if I could become successful in sales, you can too!

Tip #1: Change Your Mindset

If you can consciously ignore the negativity and endeavour to be better than commission-hungry salespeople, you will be miles ahead. Simply focusing on giving value rather than taking money from people can make a major difference in your sales.

As an introvert, we are naturally good at asking diagnostic questions. A helpful mental image is of a doctor. Typically, when seeing a patient, they will ask numerous questions before making a diagnosis and recommending a treatment. Using this imagery will do wonders to your self-esteem, sense of purpose, and selling ability!

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