What is sales training?

Sales training is the process of empowering staff to sell more of your products or services. Typically, this involves a combination of sales training seminars and sales coaching. The course provides better skills and processes, which in turn create more sales revenue with less effort.

Your frontline staff are representatives of your brand. Without proper sales training, you could be missing out on valuable leads! Not only does sales training maximise your marketing dollar, it also creates positive experiences for both your staff and your clients. Sales training, like any other development, can increase staff retention and morale.

Who would benefit most from sales training?

If your company has non-sales staff who need to sell as part of their role, sales training could be the key to increasing your revenue. They could be in technical roles or customer service.

Oftentimes, implementing a few simple measures will drastically increase your conversion rates. Here’s more info about our sales process consulting.

Sales Ethos specialises in working with people who have no sales background. We are ideally positioned to help, as Ben Lai started in exactly that position! As a natural introvert, he fully understands the challenges that non-selling staff face. Furthermore, he proved in his career that ethics and sales success are inseparable. He can now bring these principles into your company through sales training.

My staff are not salespeople. Can they be taught to sell?

Absolutely! Contrary to popular belief, no one is a “born salesperson!” While selling does not come naturally to most people, it is 100% learnable. As a natural introvert, Ben Lai was terrified of selling at the beginning of his sales career. As a result, Sales Ethos specialises in working with non-sales staff. Our methods will help your people overcome negative beliefs about sales, money, and profit. Consequently, they will sell with ethics, conviction, and purpose! Click here for more information about our in-house sales training in Melbourne.

How do I know if sales training will increase my revenue?

While we’d like to think that sales training will solve all your revenue problems, it’s certainly not for everybody. Companies that are already attracting leads via marketing efforts will benefit greatly by increasing conversion rates. Businesses that rely on outbound efforts will see increases in call-to-meeting conversions, as well as meeting-to-sales. If you can identify with either of these situations, drop us a note and let’s explore how we may collaborate.

I'm a director of a startup business. Do I need a business coach?

First of all, congratulations on embarking on this journey! While money might be tight at the beginning, consider weighing up the cost of not having a coach. What revenue opportunities might you miss? How much is good advice worth?

Having a mentor can help in two ways: 1. To focus your efforts on the right activities, and 2. To save you from making costly mistakes. Weigh these up with the proposed investment in a business coach.

Prior to engaging with a business coach, it is important to be clear about what obstacles are preventing you from reaching your goals. Find one who can fill that gap. If you are looking for a Melbourne business coach, and your gap is generating sales revenue, click here for a complimentary consultation!


Click here to download our guide “How to motivate non-salespeople to sell!”