Results Driven Sales Training in Adelaide

Are your sales figures in a slump? Looking for ways to accelerate your sales team’s performance? Sales Ethos is here to help! We deliver sales training in Adelaide.

Imagine managing a team of highly motivated sales professionals… Without any doubt that they will hit target!

They are crystal clear on their daily activities.

They are completely autonomous, needing only some guidance.

As a result, your salespeople consistently meet their sales revenue quotas. You and your organisation are propelled to record sales!

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Sales training in Adelaide: What we will do

  • Boost your sales team’s performance & results
  • Increase sales morale & decrease turnover
  • Systematise your sales processes to consistently hitting quota

Sales training in Adelaide: How we will do it

What’s Involved in Sales Ethos’ Sales Training in Adelaide?

Our sales training is based on the “Kaizen” principle. This means that we aim to improve your team’s performance constantly and incrementally. Each month, we will run two hours of content at your company’s premises. Each month will cover a different topic, ranging from sales skills, personal development, and time management (see below for complete list). These form a holistic and comprehensive way of improving your staff’s job skills, morale, and retention. As sales training improves attendees’ knowledge, it is critical to pair it with sales coaching to maximise retention and application.

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Adelaide Sales Training Topics

How to Sell Ethically

How to Sell Ethically

What do your staff think about sales and selling? Usually, the words used are not very positive! As a result, their ability to sell will be hampered. These negative ideas must be uprooted and replaced. Otherwise, your people will struggle to put their full efforts into selling. In this sales training program we will:

  • De-bunk myths about what it takes to be successful in sales
  • Discover how sales, business, and money is universal and inherently good
  • Learn and apply The Law of Value, which is a cornerstone concept in sales
How to Book Sales Appointments Fearlessly

How to Book Sales Appointments Fearlessly

Salespeople often feel that prospecting is the most difficult part of sales. As a result, they are scared to make calls. They seem to believe that once they have a meeting, everything else will be taken care of. Unfortunately, most sales professionals have poor cold calling skills. Thus, they never have an opportunity to prove the aforementioned point! In this sales training program we will:

  • Discover how to ally with gatekeepers and reach decision makers
  • Craft effective call scripts that earn decision makers’ time
  • Significantly increase the number of meetings they book
How to Sell Consultatively

How to Sell Consultatively

Telling is not selling! Slick, fast-talking salespeople are a thing of the past. Consequently, you can’t just sell products. You must sell solutions. In addition, your staff must learn how to prepare and ask questions. Subsequently, they will have a better understanding of prospects’ buying triggers. As a result, their closing rates will skyrocket! In this sales training program we will:

  • Learn the 3 phases of consultative sales questioning
  • Develop questions that dig deeply into prospects’ buying motivations
  • Practice empathic active listening to maximise trust and rapport
How to Present Your Solution Persuasively

How to Present Your Solution Persuasively

After the consultative phase, you must present your solution. Sales professionals must confidently demonstrate how they can solve the prospects’ problems. If done well, closing the sale will become a no-brainer! In addition to winning the sale, your staff will feel great about their work paying off. In this sales training program we will:

  • Understand how to persuade people ethically
  • Discover how credibility, emotions, and logic influence sales
  • Learn how to demonstrate and position themselves and the product powerfully
How to Handle Objections Tactfully

How to Handle Objections Tactfully

It is natural for prospects to have concerns about buying. Bad purchases in the past will cause them to be sceptical. As a result, client’s objections (whether they are real or not) will block your staff from closing sales. In this sales training program we will:

  • Learn a simple 3-step process for handling any concern
  • Understand the true nature of price objections, and how to handle them
  • Discover techniques for preventing objections from arising
How to Negotiate and Close the Sale Confidently

How to Negotiate and Close the Sale Confidently

Closing can be the scariest phase of selling! As a result, many sales professionals become anxious at this stage. In spite of being the shortest part of the sales process, many professionals panic and waiver! In this sales training module we will:

  • Explore how to use “trial closes” to avoid closing prematurely
  • Uncover how to negotiate deals for win-win
  • Learn how to create urgency ethically and confidently
How to Earn Repeat Business and Referrals Naturally

How to Earn Repeat Business and Referrals Naturally

Selling to current clients is much easier than finding new ones. Hence, it makes sense to focus efforts in this area. You have already earned their trust. This removees barriers to the sale. As a result, selling becomes significantly easier. How do you make sure that your clients are happy? In addition, how can you earn their repeat business? In this sales training program we will:

  • Discover a key principle for excellent customer service
  • Learn how to earn repeat business consistently
  • Script questions to easily gain referrals from clients
Advanced: How to Sell to Corporations Strategically

Advanced: How to Sell to Corporations Strategically

Sales in today’s market is more complex than ever before. Multiple decision makers are usually involved. In addition, politics in the workplace can complicate matters. Sales professionals must plan more than ever to win big deals. Ignoring these factors could mean missing out on millions of dollars in sales revenue! In this sales training program we will:

  • Understand how corporate decision-making works
  • Create sales plans that take into account power, politics, and buying processes
  • Shed light on strategies for tenders, RFPs, and bids.
Personal Development: How to Maximise Sales Performance Mentally

Personal Development: How to Maximise Sales Performance Mentally

To sell effectively, we cannot rely only on sales techniques or phrases. As a result of unethical selling in the past, buyers are more aware of these manipulative strategies. Therefore, sales professionals must be people of integrity. In this sales training program we will:

  • Discover how our self-image affects our sales
  • Unlock the mental powers to increasing personal performance
  • Begin forming new habits for mental mastery
Personal Development: How to Manage Emotions Resiliently

Personal Development: How to Manage Emotions Resiliently

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from disappointments and setbacks. Unsurprisingly, sales professionals need to be resilient! According to psychological research, this factor can accurately predict the success of your sales staff. Hence, it makes sense to develop their resilience. In this sales training program we will:

  • Gain an understanding of the role and nature of emotions
  • Define and practice empathy. Consequently, building rapport with prospects will come more naturally
  • Learn how to better manage emotional stress. As a result, they will be more productive and sell more
Time Management: How to Prioritise Purposefully

Time Management: How to Prioritise Purposefully

Are your team busy with the right activities? Or, are they managing their time well? Time management is a critical part of high performing salespeople. Unsurprisingly, salespeople often spend too much time on “busy work.” As a result, their sales revenue and activites suffer. In this sales training program we will:

  • Set objectives based on company goals using the SMART framework
  • Learn to differentiate between urgent and important tasks
  • Pioritise activities based on key sales performance indicators (KPIs)
Time Management: How to Beat Procrastination Scientifically

Time Management: How to Beat Procrastination Scientifically

Distractions are everywhere! As a result, we often procrastinate and lack the willpower to do important activities. How can your sales team overcome these pitfalls? In this sales training program we will:

  • Discover the science behind human willpower and behaviour
  • Use measures that will prevent distractions and aid focus
  • Use internal, social, and environmental influences to increase self-control

Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Training in Adelaide

Is sales training effective?

Well, it depends! If you run sales training annually, your staff will probably be inspired and work well for a full month or so… And then revert back to old habits. Effective sales training needs to be reinforced on a regular basis. We at Sales Ethos believe it should be monthly as a minimum. This way, lessons are drip-fed, allowing for maximum absorption and application.

Another major factor for sales training effectiveness comes down to individuals. Are they open to learning new ideas and adapting to changing trends? If not, sales training will have little impact (and you may want to consider re-assigning them!)

From Good to Great

Are your sales consultants “B” or “C” performers? If so, sales training may help bridge the gap to turn them into “A” players.

Sales as a Service

Are your customer service staff responsible for selling, but just don’t know how to? In our experience, these people can make a big difference by teaching them selling fundamentals.

At Sales Ethos, we love working with companies with these two situations!

Sales training is most effective when continuously reinforced. After all, it is in our nature to forget and revert back to old habits. Regular sales coaching, systematic implementation, and continuous reinforcement will all help you to get the most from your investment.

How do I choose which sales training company to use?

There are many companies offering sales training in Adelaide. We have great respect for them, and feel that each has their own unique way of contributing to the sales profession. To answer this question, we’d like to offer three main criteria for you to evaluate and narrow your options:

  1. Aligned values

Look for a company that values the same things you do. The sales training must fit the culture of your organisation to ensure mutual achievement of goals. Furthermore, this alignment ensures better uptake and application. Ask yourself – “Does this company’s vision resonate with ours?” and “Will their advice fit with our core beliefs?” If the answer is “no” to either of these, you would benefit from exploring other alternatives.

  1. Accountability for results

Making big claims and promises is easy. Fulfilling them is not! Ask “How will we know your training is working?” and “How can the vendor reduce my risk if things don’t work out?” While it can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of training, you may want to implement qualitative (asking for your sales consultants’ feedback) and quantitative (increased revenue and conversion rates) measures to ensure you are receiving a return on your investment.

  1. Proven Methodologies

Sales training needs to be motivating and practical. Trainers need to be able to prove that their advice works through case studies or rigorous research. Questions you may want to ask include “Where do you source your training materials?” and “What results have you achieved with similar companies?” Choose a vendor that has proven results and based their training on proven methodologies.

What’s different about Sales Ethos’ sales training?

Integrity Selling

As our name indicates, we are all about building a culture of selling where integrity is king. A company’s long-term success is fully dependent on its ability to make and keep its promises. While we do teach sales skills and techniques, these are built upon a foundation of timeless principles. For example, we firmly believe that in every sale, the client must be the bigger winner, and that there must be consistency between what we believe, say, and do.

Holistic Approach

Our sales training takes a holistic approach to building up salespeople. This means working from the inside-out. We begin with addressing our beliefs about selling, business, and money. By adjusting the core philosophies about these ideas, we set the stage for peak performance in selling.

Where is Sales Ethos’ sales training held?

When engaging with us, we will deliver sales training at your company’s premises or via conferencing. If held at your business, advantages include:

  • Customised content, increasing relevance
  • Less time spent travelling, reducing disruption to workflows
  • Two 1-hour sessions per month vs. one 2-hour session, improving retention

Here are the advantages of sending your team using conferencing:

  • Save on costs associated with travel, meals, and other logistics
  • Staff can attend from wherever they are, whether in Adelaide, Melbourne, or Australia-wide
  • Lower investment amount, ideal for companies with limited training budgets