Your Situation

Do you have technical support or customer service staff who need to sell as part of their job? They might not like selling because of bad experiences with unethical salespeople. Further, as introverts, they might not think that they have the “gift of the gab.” Consequently, their sales training needs to account for introverts’ natural selling style.

The Solution

Sales Ethos can help your team to sell confidently with no prior sales experience. They won’t need to be manipulative or pushy! Introverts tend to be naturally caring, considerate, and consultative. Therefore, the ETHOS selling method leverages their natural strengths so they can perform at their best.

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Jimmy Southasee, Head of Sales
Sales Training Adelaide

Who is this sales training for?

ETHOS Sales Training is ideal for non-salespeople. This often includes customer service or technical support staff. We have worked in numerous industries including medical, wholesale, and call centres. Because our sales training is principle-based, the teachings are universal.

What is involved?

As part of your complimentary consult, we will determine which sales training units are most suitable for your team. We will then tailor the sales training course for your circumstances. Once we mutually agree on how and when the course will take place, leave the rest to us!

Where is the sales training conducted?

The sales training will be conducted at your venue. Simply book a suitable meeting room and projector for PowerPoint slides. Jimmy Southasee provides sales training in Adelaide, but also provide sales training in Melbourne.

If you require online training, we can conduct sessions via Zoom.

Why ETHOS Sales Training?

Our sales training is Ethical, Transparent, Holistic, Organic, and Scientific. We will likely be a good match for each other if your company values ethical and evidence-based practices,

Furthermore, we are the only provider of sales training for introverts!

How will the training benefit?

Rather than focusing solely on sales techniques, we develop the whole person. Our sales training is holistic. We have a number of complimentary topics not normally taught in traditional sales training. Consequently, your team’s morale and performance will be at their best.

Do you train sales teams?

Yes! Our sales training was originally designed for sales professionals, and then adapted to non-sales staff. If you want your team to fine-tune their fundamentals of selling, ETHOS Sales Training is ideal. We have worked with numerous sales teams with fantastic results.

Sales Training Adelaide Course Modules

How to Sell as an Introvert

Set the right mindsets for long-term success in sales

Is it possible to be successful in sales as an introvert? Thankfully, selling has dramatically changed over time. It is no longer about having the “gift of the gab,” but building authentic and consultative relationships with clients. Introverts are positioned perfectly to sell in today’s market. However, they just need the right mindset, confidence, and skills to do so! In this module your team will have:

  • Increased confidence to sell by debunking sales myths
  • A positive mindset for selling through ethical and science-based practices
  • A strong conviction that they can become excellent at selling, through a new way of thinking about sales
How to Book Sales Appointments Fearlessly

Help outbound sales teams to book more sales appointments with fewer calls

How many calls does your team make to book a single appointment? Salespeople frequently report that prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process. Unfortunately, this is often because they use old and ineffective techniques. Consequently, their conversion rates are low, their piplines are thin, and their morale is low! In this sales course we will:

  • Learn how to get past gatekeepers and to decision makers
  • Craft effective scripts that earn stakeholders’ time
  • Significantly increase call-to-meeting conversion rates
How to Sell Consultatively

Foster deeper conversations with prospects for solution-based sales proposals

How effective is your team at understanding your prospects’ needs? Telling is not selling! Gone are the days of slick, fast-talking salespeople. Consequently, it is not enough to simply sell products. They must sell solutions. In addition, your staff must learn how to ask well prepared questions. Hence, they will fully understand prospects’ needs and goals. Doing so will significantly increase closing rates. In these sales courses your team will:

  • Create a structured approach to sales consultations
  • Be able to take a deep-dive into prospects’ buying motivations
  • Practice active listening to show care and interest in prospects, maximising trust and rapport
How to Present Your Solution Persuasively

Empower your team to make persuasive sales presentations and proposals

What are your conversion rates from proposals to sales? Presenting follows from the consultative phase. Sales professionals must confidently demonstrate the solution to the prospects’ problems. If done poorly, prospects will simply not buy. In addition to losing the sale, your staff will feel disheartened that their hard work has not paid off. In these sales courses we will:

  • Understand and master the principles of ethical persuasion
  • Create a framework for proposals that convert more effectively
  • Learn how to position and demonstrate products powerfully
How to Handle Objections Tactfully

Prepare your team to handle sales objections without sounding argumentative

Does your team have prepared responses for sales objections? It is natural for prospects to hesitate buying. Bad purchases in the past have created a natural scepticism. As a result, objections (whether perceived or real) will prevent your staff from closing sales. In these sales courses we will:

  • Master the 3-step process for handling any objection
  • Understand the true nature of price objections and address them with empathy
  • Prevent objections from arising in the first place
How to Negotiate and Close the Sale Confidently

Give your team the confidence to ask for the sale with conviction

Does your team have a plan for asking for the sale? Closing is the most daunting phase of selling. As a result, many salespeople are anxious at this stage. In spite of being the shortest part of the sales process, many professionals panic and waiver! In these sales courses we will:

  • Explore the concept of “trial closing” to avoid asking for the sale prematurely
  • Uncover the principles of master negotiators
  • Learn how to apply pressure ethically and confidently to secure the sale
How to Earn Repeat Business and Referrals Naturally

Generate a constant stream of referrals and increase lifetime value of clients

Do you have inbound leads from referrals on a regular basis? Selling to existing clients is many times easier than finding new ones. Hence, doesn’t it make sense to focus in this area? You have already established trust, removing many barriers to the sale. As a result, selling is much easier. How do you ensure that clients are happy? In addition, how can you keep them buying from you? In this course your team will:

  • Discover and cater to what customers consider excellent service
  • Make generating repeat business a regular part of their process
  • Regularly generate referrals from existing clients
Advanced Topic: How to Sell to Corporations Strategically

Increase conversion rates of high-stake deals and tenders

What strategies are you currently using for high-stake deals? Sales is more complex than ever before. Multiple decision makers are involved. In addition, workplace politics complicate matters. Sales professionals need to be more strategic than ever to win larger sales. Ignoring these factors is a recipe for disappointment! In these sales courses we will:

  • Understand and account for the dynamics of corporate decision-making
  • Create sales strategies that account for power, politics, and processes
  • Approach tenders, RFPs, and bids more strategically
Personal Development: How to Maximise Sales Performance Mentally

Unlock your team’s potential using scientifically proven mental exercises

What are your team’s personal limiting beliefs? Effective selling goes far beyond the use of phrases and techniques. As a result of unethical selling, buyers are increasingly aware of manipulative strategies. Therefore it is more important than ever for sales professionals to have integrity. In this sales training course we will:

  • Discover the importance of self-image in sales effectiveness
  • Unlock the keys to increasing personal performance
  • Begin forming the habits of mental mastery
Personal Development: How to Manage Emotions Resiliently

Immunise your staff against feelings of failure, rejection, and anxiety

How well do your staff bounce back from failures and difficulties? Emotional intelligence is the ability of sales professionals manage their state for maximum performance. This factor has enormous weight in predicting the success of sales staff. In this sales course we will:

  • Better understand the role and nature of emotions
  • Increase empathy, and therefore rapport with prospects
  • Manage emotional states, resulting in increased productivity and sales
Time Management: How to Prioritise Purposefully

Provide your staff with the tools for effective goal-setting and prioritisation

Everyone is busy! But… Are they busy doing the right things? Time management is a crucial aspect of effective sales professionals. Without it, salespeople often spend much time on unnecessary activities. As a result, your team’s sales revenue and activities suffer. In this sale course they will:

  • Set realistic objectives based on company goals
  • Understand the difference between urgency and importance in tasks
  • Optimise and prioritise activities based on key sales performance indicators
Time Management: How to Beat Procrastination Scientifically

Enable your staff to increase willpower and productivity

Do you have staff that could be more efficient with their work day? We are living in a distracted world. As a result, procrastination and a lack of willpower to do important activities is often rife. How can sales professionals overcome these barriers to performance? In this sales course we will:

  • Discover the science behind human behaviour and willpower
  • Put measures in place to prevent distractions and remain focused
  • Begin using internal, social, and environmental factors to increase self-control


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