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The #1 Trait of Successful Salespeople

Successful Salespeople

I recently read a discussion about “the one most important trait for hiring a salesperson.” Many suggestions were made, including communication skills, work ethic, and even good looks! Every point certainly has its place, but I personally think there is one character trait that trumps them all. Can you guess what makes successful salespeople? The […]

3 Reasons Batman is a Terrible Professional Role Model

Don’t get me wrong, I love Batman. Since I was a little boy I have collected his comics, followed his TV shows, played his video games, and watched his movies. Though human, he possesses god-like abilities (enthusiasts debate emphatically that he would even defeat the invincible Superman in battle due to his superior intellect!). As I continue to follow his stories, Bruce Wayne’s double-life […]

Why Attitudes Are More Important Than Skills and Knowledge

Why Attitudes Are More Important Than Skills and Knowledge

You may have heard that “attitudes are more important than skills and knowledge.” This may seem strange to you, but did you know that 85% of your success in life and business is dependent on your attitudes? The remaining 15% are attributed towards your skills and knowledge. It is not that skills and knowledge aren’t […]