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Your business is growing. As you continue adding new team members, you realise that not everyone is taking customers through the same buying journey. As a result of this inconsistency, some consultants are selling much less than others. You want to create a process manual that new consultants can learn from and refer to. This is where sales process consulting comes in.

The Solution: Sales Process Consulting

Through sales process consulting, your team will have an optimised and consistent approach to selling. As a result, customers will be taken through a pleasant and predictable process that converts. Further, these processes will be clearly and succinctly documented. Subsequently, performance reviews will have clear criteria for how well staff are selling.

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Sales Process Consulting

Ben Lai, Director
Sales Process Consulting

Who is Sales Process Consulting ideal for?

Our Sales Process Consulting service is ideal for growing companies that want to build scale and consistency. For example, they might want to take their customers through a pleasant and predictable journey. As a result, this creates consistently high conversion rates and a positive customer experience.

Your company might be hiring new staff regularly. Or, you could want consistent sales processes on across your team(s). As our branding suggests, we specialise in helping introverts who need to sell.

What is involved?

As part of your complimentary consult, we will first determine if we have a good fit from a values perspective. This is critical as our recommendations follow strict ethical and moral guidelines. Consequently, if there is a mismatch, our sales processes will not work effectively for your company.

Next, we will work with you on defining current processes. We will fine-tune and recommend changes to improve conversion rates.

Finally, we will document the processes for you. Generally we ask our clients to source their own graphic designers and printing companies to create physical copies of documentation.

Where is Sales Process Consulting conducted?

Sales process consulting is usually conducted on site, in person. However, we can utilise tools like Zoom for video conferencing if necessary.

Why Sales Ethos’ Sales Process Consulting?

The proof is in the pudding! We have consulted with numerous companies to boost their revenue and create consistent results. However, one of the reasons our clients choose us is because we have well aligned values. Our E.T.H.O.S. (Ethical, Transparent, Holistic, Organic, and Scientific) methodologies fit perfectly with companies interested in long-term results.

How will Sales Process Consulting benefit?

Our Sales Process Consulting will help your team to have clear instructions on how to sell to and serve customers. In addition to creating consistently high conversions, your team will feel motivated when they know exactly what to do and how to do it. In turn, this creates scalability for your business.

Is Sales Process Consulting suitable for sales professionals?

Of course! Our Sales Process Consulting is not only for customer service or technical support teams. Sales professionals who need a structured approach to their sales will benefit greatly from having set processes to follow.



  • Cold calling scripts
  • Email templates
  • Sales journey maps
  • Consultative questions
  • Objection handling scripts
  • Closing questions
Sales Process Consulting


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