What Does Sales Integrity Mean?

What Does Sales Integrity Mean

What does sales integrity mean? When I spoke at Melbourne Business Network, I asked my audience of 30 people who they would hire. Would they hire a slightly arrogant experienced sales consultant? Or a trusted “greener” candidate? Evidently, the decision was unanimous. They all preferred the trustworthy individual. Personal integrity matters. Now I’m sure you don’t think of yourself as unethical. My intent is to help you become actively conscious on ways to improve on your personal integrity in sales. As a result, your sales will increase!

What Does Sales Integrity Mean? #1: Integrity in Beliefs

Integrity by definition is consistency between what we believe, say, and do. Mind you, the order matters! What are your beliefs about sales as a profession? Similarly, do you see it as a force for good? Or, is it an annoyance to people? Alternatively, do you truly believe in the value of your product? I’m sure we can all relate to promoting something we didn’t fully buy into! Real success simply isn’t possible without first believing in what we do and sell. How can you increase your own convictions in the sales profession? How about your product? Write down a few ideas and act on them straight away!

What Does Sales Integrity Mean? #2: Integrity in Words

Following our beliefs come our words. While we may not be like con artists who knowingly deceive people, there is always a temptation to exaggerate our product’s capabilities. We must ensure that our words are fully congruent with our true beliefs. Practically, be honest about your limitations. Consequently, you’ll need to state potential risks while highlighting your strengths. Make a decision only to do business with companies where it makes sense to do so. Being fully transparent and authentic with your clients. In turn, this will increase their trust in you. As a result, they will be more likely to buy!

What Does Sales Integrity Mean? #3: Integrity in Actions

Keep your promises, even when it hurts. Be punctual. Do what you say you will do, even if no one will notice. Personal integrity affects the way people perceive us. More importantly, it influences our self-image, which in turn affects our performance on the job. Always act consistently with what you believe and say.

Take Action

We can always improve on our personal integrity. Firstly, be mindful of your beliefs. Secondly, make your words align. Finally, ensure that your actions are consistent. Your success in sales depends on it!

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