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Sales Benefits Everybody | Corvette Story

There’s a story floating around the internet about a man who purchased a Corvette (a high priced car). Upon seeing the vehicle, an observer disapprovingly asked “I wonder how many people you could have fed for the money spent on the car?” The proud car owner replied “I am not sure… It fed the people who make the tires. The car put food on the table for the workers who made the components that went into it. It fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires… BUT… I have to admit, I guess I really don’t know how many people it fed.” Today’s article is about how sales benefits everybody.

Sales Benefits Everybody Lesson #1: Capitalism Benefits Everybody

Even with all the negativity surrounding our free market system, we have the world’s best and fairest system of trade. The flow of money through our economy acts like blood through the body, delivering life-giving oxygen to our cells. Sales transactions represent the perpetual cycle of giving value from one party to another. As this continues over time, the living standards of everyone in the system continue to elevate. While not perfect, capitalism is what makes our country so great!

Sales Benefits Everybody Lesson #2: Sales Consultants are Front Liners

The sale of the Corvette might not have occurred without a car sales consultant. Salespeople are initiators. We kick people out of their comfort zones into new and exciting territory. As troops on the front line, we risk rejection, failure, and stability for the benefit of others. Further, as a result of the sale of the aforementioned vehicle, it set in motion a chain of value to everyone in the system. Every time a car is sold, Chevrolet needs to manufacture a new one. To accomplish this, they need to purchase parts from other companies. The parts require raw materials purchased from respective suppliers. The suppliers require machinery to continue producing their goods… You get the picture!

Sales Benefits Everybody Lesson #3: Your Sales Make a Difference!

It is because of people like you that our economy thrives. Whenever you make a sale, take pride in the value you bring your clients. Furthermore, I want you to recognise that your efforts are feeding the families of everyone in your company. Success breeds success, and brings prosperity to all. Let me ask you this – if you are bringing more value to your clients than the price you charge, should you feel guilty about the profit you make? Do you not deserve a profit for helping a person solve their problem? Finally, if you’d like to treat yourself to something nice (like a luxury car), should you feel bad for enjoying the fruits of your labour, and feeding the families of those that brought the product to you?


My hope is that by reading this, that you will feel proud of selling. I want you to recognise that your efforts benefit everyone, from your clients to the people that provide for their families as a result of having gainful employment. Hold your head up high – you are at the front line of our economy, and are vitally important!

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