The Noblest Profession

The Noblest Profession

You probably already know that it’s important to believe in what you sell. How many of us however, believe in selling as a profession? If we are to be effective in sales and business, we need to understand the inherent good in what we do. Today I will share with you three reasons that sales is the noblest profession.

Why Sales is the Noblest Profession #1: Sales is Costly

The profession of selling demands a high personal cost. Every time we pick up the phone, we are risking rejection and failure. The emotional rollercoaster can affect our mood, esteem, and relationships. Sometimes, we can work for hours, weeks, even months on a deal… Only for the sale to go to a competitor! This in turn affects our income. Sales therefore risks our emotions and finances, which at times can be costly.

Why Sales is the Noblest Profession #2: Sales Brings Value

Every transaction we facilitate creates a win-WIN, where the client is the bigger winner. If you charge $2,000 for your services, you would reasonably expect that your client will receive $20,000 or $40,000 worth of value. If you are employed, your income of $100,000 would yield $400,000 or $1M for your employer. Sales is noble because you bring more value to other people than the price you are paid.

Why Sales is the Noblest Profession #3: Sales Benefits Everyone

We are living in a time of great economic prosperity. When businesses transact with each other, giving disproportionate value to each other, everyone wins. Whenever you make a sale, your company grows. When your company grows, it buys more stock and hires more people. This in turn feeds and stimulates economic growth and increases the quality of life for everyone. You should feel proud of selling because you are at the forefront of these beneficial transactions and the quality of life for everybody.


Sales is noble because it comes at a personal cost, brings value to others, and benefits everyone. I’d like to encourage you to internalise these realities and feel proud that you are in one of the noblest professions in the world!

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