The Magic Word in Sales

The Magic Word in Sales

There are actually many magic words in the wonderful world of selling. The one I will share with you today will help you close more sales without applying any pressure to your buyers. As if by magic, using the word will cause you to be perceived as more professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Oh, the magic word is not “please” by the way… It is “recommend.” Read on to find out how to use the magic word in sales.

The Consultative Sale: Using the Magic Word in Sales

In preparation of using the word “recommend,” you need to start thinking of yourself as a consultant. During sales meetings, this means listening more than you speak. You’ll need to prepare in-depth questions to fully understand your prospect’s situation. Once the person answers your questions, demonstrate how choosing your product would compare favourably to other options. This is where the magic begins.

The Magic Word in Sales: Using “Recommend”

“Based on your situation and the alternatives available, I would recommend this product.” You’re not telling what the person “should” do (this is much pushier). Instead, you are allowing prospects to make a decision for themselves. You are simply providing your expert opinion.

The Magic Word in Sales: Why Recommending Works

We are used to receiving recommendations all the time. Our friends recommend reliable tradesmen. Waiters recommend their best dishes. Doctors recommend curative treatments. In each of these situations, the subject matter expert is giving their professional opinion. The person is still free to choose as they wish. As sales consultants, we must do the same.

The Caveat To the Magic Word in Sales

When making recommendations, your principle interest must be the prospect’s, not yours. To bring balance and credibility to your words, you must be prepared to recommend products or solutions other than your own. For example, if your product is unable to solve the prospect’s problem, be willing to say “I would recommend using XYZ Company for that.” This in turn, will increase their trust in your recommendations.

Take Action

Start thinking of yourself as an expert consultant.  Make recommendations rather than using pushy closing techniques. I highly recommend this mindset, as it will work magic in your sales!

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