3 Ways Sales Management Can Immediately Increase Sales Motivation

3 Ways to Immediately Increase Sales Motivation

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The ups and downs of sales can quickly decrease staff morale. After all, they face rejection and possible failure on a daily basis. It begs the question: What is the best way to increase sales motivation? According to Daniel Pink in his book Drive, the old answer of “carrots and sticks” for motivation is badly outdated. Hence, we should look to studies in human motivation which have revealed three key areas for increasing performance:

Increase Sales Motivation with a Sense of Purpose

Do your staff believe in what they are selling? Above all other factors, your staff’s convictions will help or hurt their sales success. When they truly believe their product, their enthusiasm will be contagious. As a result, prospects will sense their sincerity and lower their resistance.

To increase sales motivation, your team must see how their job makes a difference. Firstly, talk to your happiest clients and ask them how the product has benefited them. Then look at how they were before and after your company’s solution. If possible, quantify their return on investment. Finally, look at the bigger picture. How do your sales contribute to society? Share these stories with your team rather than focusing exclusively on the numbers.

Increase Sales Motivation by Increasing Their Sense of Mastery

Humans have a deep desire for continuous growth. Consequently, you can increase their confidence by giving them opportunities to improve their craft. It will be difficult for them to fulfil their greater purpose without the right tools, and continuous learning is the best way to acquire them.

How are you developing your people? You can increase sales motivation by scheduling regular sales training for them. One-to-one coaching should be considered essential. Finally, encourage them to read/listen to sales books outside business hours. If your team feels like they are advancing and improving, they will be more likely to perform well and remain loyal to your organisation.

Increase Sales Motivation by Giving Autonomy

It is unfortunate that many managers demotivate their salespeople through micromanagement. Understandably, people tend to push back on people that push them. They want to feel in control of their activities. Give them a clear purpose and goal. Next, allow them flexibility to achieve it. As a result, they will perform at their best.

If you are guilty of directing your team’s every move, here’s an alternative approach: don’t tell them what to do. Instead, coach them by asking questions. For example, contrast the differences between telling (a) versus coaching (b):

(a) “I need you to start looking for more prospects…”

(b) “Where do you think you can find new prospects?”

(a) “Here’s the plan for making targets this year…”

(b) “How do you plan to make target this year?”

Can you see how option (b) allows salespeople to think for themselves? Subsequently, when they formulate their own plans for success, they will have full ownership and responsibility for the outcome. If you want to increase sales motivation, allow them to direct themselves through coaching and accountability.

Take Action

In conclusion, you must know how to increase sales motivation of your team. Most important is to link their jobs to a greater purpose. Secondly, give them opportunities to improve themselves. Finally, help them to take personal responsibility for their results. As a result, your team will be motivated to achieve their best!

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