Why Business is Good and Moral

Business is Good and Moral

Have you ever felt guilty for selling to and making a profit from your clients? Even when you truly believe in the value of your product, your inner convictions will seep into your expressions, words, and actions. When it comes to our thoughts about business, money, and profit, negative perceptions will stop us from selling at our best. Unfortunately, popular media often portrays businesses as self-interested, immoral, and a plague on society. Today I will share with you three reasons businesses are good and moral, helping you to sell with a clear conscience.

Reason #1 Why Business is Good: They produce products that improve our quality of life

I don’t know where I’d be without my smartphone. The invention has helped people connect with each other more conveniently than ever before. I am hugely grateful to the company that designed and manufactured the product. Furthermore, I’m grateful to the farmers and bakers that work together to produce bread. I’d hate to imagine having to grow my own wheat, harvesting it, milling it, and then baking it. Instead, I can go to my local supermarket and purchase a loaf for only a few dollars. The examples of products and services that improve our lives are endless!

Reason #2 Why Business is Good: They provide for the families of their employees

In order to produce their products, businesses need employees. To hire workers, businesses offer an income that shelters, clothes, and feeds their families. It is unfortunate to hear stories about people who think of their work as prisons, as I doubt people who are unemployed or living in poverty would see it the same way. I am forever grateful to my previous employers who took me under their wing, not only giving me a living, but skills that brought me to where I am today.

Reason #3 Why Business is Good: They create economic prosperity

When businesses trade with businesses, the above two points are perpetuated. The overall result is economic prosperity. Like blood that flows in a body nourishing our cells with oxygen, the circulation of money gives life to those who live in the financial ecosystem. Businesses contribute to society simply by being profitable.

What about businesses that profit from immoral practices?

Like money, sales, and fire, business can be a tool for good or evil. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people who run shady businesses and profit from “churn and burn” tactics, scams, and immoral practices. For the moment I’m assuming that if you are reading this, you are not one of them, and that you run your business with integrity. If this is the case, simply don’t count yourself among their number!


Our perception of business and profit will directly affect our ability to run our business and sell successfully. We must recognise the inherent goodness of businesses that operate with integrity – they provide products and services that improve our quality of life, provide for the families of their employees, and create economic prosperity. Now, in the words of Spock from Star Trek, “Go forth and prosper!”

P.S. Many of the ideas for this article were drawn from Rabbi Daniel Lapin in his book “Thou Shall Prosper,” which comes highly recommended!

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