Reduce Sales Resistance: 3 Practical Tips

Reduce Sales Resistance

As a result of negative stereotypes and actual life experiences, many of us can relate to putting up resistance to salespeople. Ironically, selling is the means by which we earn our living, regardless of your profession! (If employed, you have to “sell” your worth to your employer). To achieve career success, we must learn how to reduce sales resistance in the people we sell to. Today I will share with you three ways to reduce sales resistance:

Reduce Sales Resistance Tip #1: Change how you see yourself

People tend to evaluate us on our own terms. They will see us the way we see ourselves. If you change how you perceive yourself and your profession, you can change how others think of you. There are numerous roles salespeople play in the grand scheme of business, which can aid you in redefining yourself. Here are some examples:

– Doctors/Consultants – experts at asking questions to diagnose and treat business problems

– Coaches – helping their clients achieve their goals

– Guides – assisting their clients to navigate the ocean of information to make an informed choice

– Subject matter experts – highly knowledgeable of their industry, and a resource to their clients

– Leaders – bringing a vision of a better future to their clients, and bringing about its realisation

There are numerous other pictures you can use to redefine yourself and your role. Choose one (or more) to identify yourself with, and act out the role!

Reduce Sales Resistance Tip #2: Demonstrate genuine care

We live in the age of relationship selling. That means that in order to make the sale, you need to demonstrate to your clients that you care more about them than you do the money you will make. Doing so will lower sales resistance, and requires authenticity on your part. You can’t fake concern (and nor should you attempt to)! You need to see people as being inherently valuable, interesting, and worthy of your attention. Fostering this spirit will enable your prospects to sense your true intentions, making it easier for them to trust and buy from you.

Reduce Sales Resistance Tip #3: Detach yourself from the outcome

One of the major causes of sales resistance is pushiness or neediness. You can reduce these on your part by detaching yourself from the sale. Practically, this means deciding in advance that you don’t mind whether or not the prospect buys. You will need to be fully convinced in your own value, recognising that ultimately, not buying is the prospect’s loss. This state of mind is made easier by focusing more on outcomes for the client than your own gains.


Prospects’ sales resistance will inhibit your success if not properly handled. They are natural defences from negative past experiences with salespeople. You can reduce sales resistance by changing your self-perception, showing you care, and focusing on client outcomes rather than your own goals. If you practice these tips on a regular basis, you will find selling to be much easier and enjoyable!

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