3 Mental Shifts to Make Your Sales Soar

With all the negative perceptions of selling, it can be challenging to feel good and confident about our profession. As a result, many of us have feelings of guilt when asking for the order or making a profit, and today I want to help you make three adjustments that will transform the way you sell!

  1. Sales is about matching the right people to the right solution

In sales training, we often use the term “prospecting” when looking for new business. The word is traditionally used in mining, meaning “to search or explore (a region), as for gold.1” Imagine a prospector digging through rock and clay searching for the valuable substance. Now, I’m no expert in mining, but I imagine that he would shovel the clay aside while he continues searching for the gold. The same principle applies in sales. Our job is to sell only to “gold” prospects, not “clay” ones.

The takeaway is this: always qualify whether your product will solve your prospect’s problems. That means asking questions to understand their situation, and determine whether they will really benefit from and value your solution. Should you be upset if there isn’t a good match? Would the gold miner be upset if he dug up some soil instead of gold?  No, he keeps on digging!

  1. Sales is not something you do to a person, but for them

You are doing people a favour by selling to them. The sooner you can realise and embrace this, the more you will sell with conviction and fervour. If you are confused by this statement, imagine you held in your hands the cure to cancer. Is it in anyone’s interest for you to hold onto and hide it from others? Of course not! On that same note, your product was created because it solves a specific problem in the market. Sure, it may not have as much flare as a cure for cancer, but you have to realise that not selling it would be a disservice to your qualified prospects!

What problem(s) does your product solve? Why are your clients better off using it rather than not? What would their situation be like without your intervention? Answering these questions will help you clarify your purpose for selling.

  1. Selling contributes meaningfully to society

Business is good and moral.* Whenever you sell a product, remember that you are stimulating the economy. The exchange of money acts like blood, delivering oxygen to our bodies and giving it life. You are contributing value to your clients, which more often than not outweighs the price that they paid for it. Without people like you, our economy would collapse, and everyone would suffer!

*When conducted ethically!


To be effective in selling, we must see the purpose and good in what we do. Without this conviction, our efforts will be hampered, and no one would benefit from our lack of success. We must think of selling like prospecting for gold, serving people, and contributing to society. If you do, your sales are sure to soar!

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