3 Daily Habits of Successful Salespeople

Successful Salespeople

Have you read Steve Covey’s bestselling book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?” If not, I highly recommend you pick up a copy today. I can say without doubt that it has improved the way I live and work. In addition, I find myself constantly referring back to its stories and principles in my training materials. Today I want to share with you three daily habits of successful salespeople. Naturally we will focus on actionable steps for organising your daily schedule. It is by no means comprehensive like Covey’s book. However, if you can develop just these three, you will be on the road to more productivity and sales!

Habit #1: Successful Salespeople Work by Priorities

Successful salespeople are crystal clear about their long-term and short-term goals. They have them in writing and review them daily. By breaking their goals down into daily objectives, it allows them to know what really needs to be done every day. They only work on the items that will bring about the greatest value using the 80/20 principle. All other tasks are eliminated or delegated. Generally, if the activity doesn’t involve interacting with clients, it probably should be removed from your priorities!

Habit #2: Successful Salespeople are Highly Disciplined

It is unfortunate that most people I speak to consider themselves undisciplined. I usually ask them “Did you brush your teeth this morning?” Once they say “yes,” it becomes self-evident that everyone is disciplined in some ways. The great thing about discipline is that you only have to stick at the action long enough for it to become automatic and a habit. Subsequently, the mental and emotional exertion is minimised. The difference then, between successful and unsuccessful salespeople, is that the former puts in the initial hard work required to develop the good habits. Make sure you stick to making those sales calls until it becomes natural for you!

Habit #3: Successful Salespeople Constantly Improve

Aside from the daily grind, high-performing salespeople are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves and their craft. They read self-development books. They also research sales literature. In addition, they keep up with industry related articles. Successful salespeople are humble and proactive enough to know they can always improve. They take feedback seriously without taking it personally. They look at “failures” as learning opportunities. Overall, this incremental growth sets them up for exponential increase over the long-term.


Successful salespeople must first develop the habit of working by priorities. Secondly, they must be highly disciplined. Finally, they must constantly improve themselves. As the saying goes, “we are a product of our daily habits.” It would pay enormously for us to heed this advice and develop good daily habits in every aspect of our work and lives.

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