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Transcript Ben Lai:                Hey guys, it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos and today I’ve got a special guest with me, Irwin Hau. Irwin Hau:           Hey Ben, how are you going? Ben Lai:                Irwin is the founder and director of Chromatix and Irwin, can you tell us a little bit about what Chromatix does? Irwin Hau:           […]
Ben Lai


Ben Lai:                Hey guys, it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos and today I’ve got a special guest with me, Irwin Hau.

Irwin Hau:           Hey Ben, how are you going?

Ben Lai:                Irwin is the founder and director of Chromatix and Irwin, can you tell us a little bit about what Chromatix does?

Irwin Hau:           Yeah, so Chromatix, we focus on one thing. We only build conversion driven websites. That’s pretty much it, yeah.

Ben Lai:                Fantastic, nice and simple. And so why the focus on conversions for websites?

Why you should focus on conversions

Irwin Hau:           Not only I think is it important as a business owner to focus on your key thing, to stay in your lane and to be the master of it. Why conversion? Actually, just being honest with you, Ben. I actually could have lost my whole company about three, four years ago and stuff. It’s a very vulnerable place to be, but I realized I wasn’t losing it because of bad marketing. I realized actually I wasn’t closing certain areas and stuff like that. And one of the biggest areas that was falling down was actually our website.

Irwin Hau:           And so we decided to really just hone in on that skill of web that we’ve been doing for the last decade, but then we realized the magic of actually conversion. Can I share with you a little-

Ben Lai:                Yeah, absolutely.

Irwin Hau:           … the formula that actually changed how we thought about web. It actually goes… and again, business is a numbers game, right Ben? So Traffic x Conversion Rate = Customers. And so we focus so much on traffic. We want more traffic, we want more customers, right Ben? But it’s really the conversion point, which is actually the most important. And that first part of the whole conversion rate is actually usually the website. So think about it. Think about all your marketing that you do. Your business card points to your website. Radio ads point to your website. Your SEO, your AdWords, everything points to your website.

The power of your website

Irwin Hau:           Sure, they might give you a call, but let’s be honest, when’s the last time you got a business card and you gave someone a call straight off the bat? You want to go straight to the website. So yeah. So that’s where we found the magic behind that. And just to differentiate, just to be clear as well, a lot of people actually… You hear about CRO being a big term as well.

Ben Lai:                Conversion Rate Optimization.

Irwin Hau:           Exactly, yeah. And it’s important to optimize what you have. But my question is, what if you don’t have something? What if you don’t have a site? What if your site is that bad you can’t…? Because CRO, I guess in our eyes, is more to do with fixing what you have from good to great. But what if what you have is bad? It’s going to be a tricky one to fix, right? So that’s where we kind of came in and said, “Oh, let’s fix things up first and let’s maintain it.”

Irwin Hau:           And we actually do it in three ways. We look at three areas: Design, Development and Data… three Ds… which actually make up that Chromatix triangle in our logo.

Ben Lai:                Fantastic.

Irwin Hau:           There’s a reason for that.

Ben Lai:                And you have a interesting analogy for whether people should… For those of you who are thinking, “Should I redevelop my website?” what’s the analogy just to give?

An analogy for conversions vs. traffic

Irwin Hau:           Yeah, yeah. No, it’s my favorite cup analogy. If I had a broken cup, would I fill it with more water or would I actually fix the cup first? And the truth is we know we know the answer, we’ll just drink it straight from the jug, right? No, we actually would fix the cup first and then pour water into it. I guess our issue is sometimes that cup isn’t just big enough and there’s no point in bandaiding a bandaid. And we know what it’s like. It’s like patching an old quilt, it’s gonna fall apart and stuff.

Irwin Hau:           So we’d rather start fresh, maybe buy a new cup, get it done properly, and then let’s reinforce it, let’s check it accordingly. And that really falls under the whole…

Ben Lai:                So really, rather than just trying to spend more money, pour more money into getting more traffic, as a lot of people do, actually fix the root cause of the problem.

Irwin Hau:           Absolutely.

Ben Lai:                And I think what’s really interesting about your formula is that it applies to sales as well.

Irwin Hau:           Absolutely.

Application for sales teams

Ben Lai:                You know, a lot of sales managers will go to their team and is like, “Hey guys, we’ve got to make more sales. So make more calls.” And then so they’ll make hundreds and hundreds of calls without considering the quality of those calls. And then that, of course, hurts the conversion rates, the sales team are going to get exhausted as a result of making all these unsuccessful calls.

Ben Lai:                So the same thing’s happening for websites-

Irwin Hau:           Absolutely.

Ben Lai:                … and so what are the companies that should come to you and say, “Irwin, we need your help”? What sort of situation would they be in?

Irwin Hau:           The best one for us actually, are those who actually say, “You know what, I’m spending so much marketing and I don’t know why. We kind of do marketing with the hopes and dreams that things will…” It’s kind of like throwing brochures, I guess, in the air going, “I hope someone latches on,” right? It’s not really how we should be doing marketing. Those who actually don’t know if… They should be looking at data. They’re not reading their analytics. People spending a lot of money and going, “Well people are coming to my site, but we’re not getting the traffic or not getting the conversion site traffic, rather than getting the conversion that we need. We just want a third party just to come in and just give us a glimpse and just to show us, well, what areas can we actually improve?”

Data driven results

Irwin Hau:           It’s looking at the data, looking at the design, looking at the development and looking at all those factors that really affect the conversion side. And you’re absolutely right there. Conversion’s not just the website, we’re just really the start of the conversion process… how quickly you pick up on the call, how good your pricing is, your customer service… all of those other areas in sales are just as important as well.

Ben Lai:                Yeah, absolutely. And you’ve got a couple… Good marketing with good sales techniques and strategies and those two factors combined has a multiplying effect, doesn’t it?

Irwin Hau:           Yeah.


Ben Lai:                So there you have it guys. Again, this is Irwin from Chromatix, so we’ll leave his details below. If you are in that situation where you’re spending a lot of money on marketing, but it’s not getting the kind of returns that you want… people coming to your website, but they’re not picking up the phone, they’re not leaving inquiries… this is your man to talk to.

Ben Lai:                What do you think? What are the most important factors for increasing traffic and converting it on your websites? We’d love to hear your comments below. In the meantime, thanks Irwin for coming-

Irwin Hau:           A pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Ben Lai:                … and I look forward to speaking again soon.

Irwin Hau:           Cheers.


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