Why Ethical Sales? Part 3: Unethical Sales Has Consequences

by | Feb 11, 2019

Transcript: Welcome back. It’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos. This is part three of “Why Ethical Sales?” In the past two sections I talked about how it is very hard to be unethical and happy at the same time; about how it just makes good business sense to do things the ethical way. Unethical sales just doesn’t pay!

Unethical Sales Has Consequences: You can’t hide forever

My final point for “Why Ethical Sales” is that it’s going to catch up with you eventually. There’s a saying in the Bible that all things will be brought to light, nothing that is hidden will be on hidden later on. You’ve seen in the news of all the scandals that have happened with those unethical companies, when they do the wrong thing. Eventually, EVENTUALLY, it comes to light and they pay the consequences.

Unethical Sales Has Consequences: Cause and effect

Now, I don’t know if you believe in karma or something like that. But I certainly believe in the law of cause and effect. Throughout all of history, we know that if you do the wrong thing, it’s going to come back to bite you one way or another. Therefore, if you want to think about the big picture, you simply cannot afford to use unethical practices.

Unethical Sales Has Consequences: Ends don’t justify the means

The ends do not justify the means. You have to do things the right way if you want to get the right results in the end. So if that’s not enough to help you to start turning things around, then maybe stop watching my videos! It’s probably not for you.

Unethical Sales Has Consequences: Conclusion

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