3 Reasons to be Hugely Grateful

3 Things to be Hugely Grateful For

Transcript: Hey guys it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos. Today I’m going to share with you three things that we should be hugely grateful for. Gratitude and optimism are key ingredients for highly effective sales people and entrepreneurs. So what I’m going to do is share with you three perspectives that will help you to be more optimistic and grateful for the things that we have and the times that we are living in.

1. Be grateful for Equal Opportunity

The first thing that we should be grateful for is equal opportunity. You see, back hundreds of years ago, if you were born into a peasant family, that’s pretty much where you stayed. You couldn’t rise up the ranks. The Society was very hierarchical. It didn’t matter how hard you worked, or how entrepreneurial you were. It was very, very difficult, if not impossible to move up. But in this day and age, it doesn’t matter where you’re born. It doesn’t matter the colour of your skin. It doesn’t matter what your education or knowledge is. If you bring value to the marketplace, you will get compensated in proportion to that value. Therefore, it is a level playing field for pretty much anyone.

So forget what people are saying about the gender pay gap and all that sort of stuff. Look, there’s always going to be ways that we can improve our system. But for the most part, things are better than they have been ever before in history. What a great time to live in!

2. Be grateful for Endless Options

The next thing that I want to encourage you with is the fact that we have endless options. When you leave school, you have so many options ahead of you. Sometimes as youth, we get stuck because we don’t know which one to pick. We’ve got too many to choose from. If you want to become an electrician, you just go to Tafe and get the right certifications, and then you can become an electrician. If you want to become a business owner, you can certainly do that. For myself, I went into the sales profession without even having any formal sales training. All I did was read the books and attend the seminars. I self-educated in order to get into the sales profession and into running my own business. So there are endless options in front of us when it comes to career.


But think about this – when you go to the supermarket… How many options do you have? We are eating like the Kings did back hundreds of years ago. You know, the very fact that we can walk into a supermarket and buy at an affordable price foods that have been imported all the way from India, from Greece, from Africa… From any country around the world for just a meagre amount is evidence that we have things pretty good in this day and age.

3. Be grateful for Enormous Opulence

This brings me to my third point, which is that we have enormous opulence. Opulence is just a fancy word to mean that we are living in really wealthy times. This is as a result of our capitalistic society, the globalization of the marketplace, and free trade from one country going to another. We are living in the wealthiest time in all of history.

Even our poor people are wealthier than the poor people of the past. You know, the definition of poor in our country is just people who have less than the middle class, but this still means that they have houses to live in. They still have televisions to watch. They have cars they can drive around. This is our definition of poor and low income. If that’s the case – wow! What a wonderful time to be alive. What a wonderful time to live in the country of Australia, or whatever country you’re living in and watching this.


So there you have it! We have equal opportunity. We have endless options. And, we have enormous opulence. We’re living in the best time in all of history. Now that’s something to be happy about! Now, what are you grateful for? Leave us a comment below. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Also, don’t forget that integrity plus skills equals success!

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