How to Sell as an Introvert

How to Sell as an Introvert

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I am a natural introvert. When I first started my sales career, I was terrified to pick up the phone to call existing clients to sell our products. The fact that I am now a sales trainer is proof that if I could become successful in sales, you can too! Here are my top three tips for selling effectively as an introvert.

1. Change Your Mindset

Last week I wrote about how to improve sales performance with a simple mindset shift. If you can consciously ignore the negativity and endeavour to be better than them, you will be miles ahead. Simply focusing on giving value rather than taking money from people can make a major difference in your sales.

As an introvert, we are naturally good at asking diagnostic questions. A helpful mental image is of a doctor. Typically, when seeing a patient, they will ask numerous questions before making a diagnosis and recommending a treatment. Using this imagery will do wonders to your self-esteem, sense of purpose, and selling ability!

2. Plan Your Sales Questions

Doctors are prepared in advance the questions they need to ask when presented with a medical problem. You must do the same. Consider what you need to know before you can make an appropriate recommendation for your client. Next, design questions around these criteria so you can best advise your buyer.

In the actual sales meeting, listen carefully to the answers. Use active listening to validate your understanding. At the end of the session, closing the sale will be a simple case of recommending the appropriate product for the buyer. Note: It should go without saying, that if your product is not a good fit for the person, that you don’t recommend they buy!

3. Practise, Practise, Practise!

Not having the “gift of the gab” can work in your advantage in selling. Asking questions is by far more effective at persuading people to buy than simply telling them. Nevertheless, whatever your strengths, you have the ability to improve. As I stated earlier, I pushed through my weaknesses and became excellent at selling. Hard work and perseverance will out-do talent any day!

Read the books. Attend the seminars. Hire a sales coach. The key is to keep improving little-by-little every day. You’ll be amazed by the exponential returns this approach can bring over the years!

Introvert, Take Action!

As a natural introvert, make a conscious choice to re-think selling. Prepare your questions like a doctor, knowing that this will sell more than a talent for speaking will. Finally, practise your questions and presentation, improving yourself on a regular basis. By combining these together, you’ll be surprised by how much you will grow and achieve!

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