How to Make Sales Less Scary

How to Make Sales Less Scary

One of the key problems entrepreneurs face starting out is a fear of selling. I don’t blame them – when I first started out in sales, I was terrified to even pick up the phone… To speak to existing clients! To ensure that your company doesn’t join the list of failed ventures, it is imperative for you to overcome these emotions. If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business! For those of you who do not possess the “gift of the gab,” here’s a three-step guide to overcoming your fear of selling:

  1. Focus on giving value

One of the major reasons we are scared to sell is because we are too focused on ourselves. The fears of rejection and failure arise from worrying about the outcome of our sales efforts. If you are truly focused on giving value to others, why would any reasonable person refuse you? Furthermore, if they did, wouldn’t it be their loss (in a non-arrogant way)? When approaching a potential client, offer something of value upfront and detach yourself from the outcome.

  1. Rethink “selling”

As a result of sales’ negative reputation, it is critical to reframe what selling actually is. There are many useful mental pictures you can use. Examples include being a doctor of selling, an expert consultant, or a buying coach. Each of these contain a persona that you can emulate to communicate yourself more comfortably. One of my favourite philosophies is that selling is something you do for a person, not to them. Selling is a service you render to your clients! Thinking this way will make you fear selling less.

  1. Prospect frequently

Desperation comes with scarcity. If you have only a few prospects to call upon, each one could make or break your business. This is an enormous amount of pressure on you! Make sure that you are constantly increasing your prospect list. You can use tools like Google and LinkedIn, or attend networking functions frequently. Make a habit of looking for opportunities to serve people, and the habit will soon reduce its scariness!


Sales doesn’t have to be scary. If you can stay focused on serving others, rethink what selling actually is, and prospect frequently, you will find yourself enjoying the process of solving people’s problems!

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