The Power of Kaizen in Sales

Kaizen is the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. It is powerful in its simplicity, and has the power to transform your life and sales. If you improve your skills just a little every day, the benefits to your career will be exponential over time. Today, I will share with you three tips for implementing Kaizen into your sales.

1. Work on just one new skill at a time

We perform at our best when we focus on one action at a time. When we do this our mind is like a magnifying glass, concentrating the sun’s light enough to start a fire. By focusing on just one new sales skill at a time, you maximise your chances of improving in that area.

What is your weakest skill? This will often act as a blockage in your sales pipeline. You will only be able to perform up to the level of your weakest skill. Concentrate your efforts on improving this area first, being sure to measure your results as you go. Find the best books and seminars specialising on the topic. There is at least one for literally every step of the sales process!

2. Work on it until it becomes habit

Most people don’t believe they are disciplined, thinking of themselves as lazy. The truth is that we are all disciplined. Did you brush your teeth this morning? That’s a discipline. Did you arrive at work on time? That’s a discipline too. Disciplines are simply habits that we have worked hard to create.

Once you have decided which skill to improve upon, keep at it until it becomes a part of you. Work on that skill until it is an effortless habit. There is no specific period for this to happen, so just keep improving until you are satisfied it comes naturally to you. (By the way, the “21 days to creating a habit” is a myth). Once this is achieved, move on to your next weakest sales skill.

3. Never stop improving

“If you are not growing, you are dying” – Tony Robbins. The compound effect of Kaizen will only work if you keep at it for the long-haul. Once you have internalised each of the steps in the sales process, there are always areas to fine-tune. For example, you may want to look into sales psychology, personal development, or body language. There are literally limitless resources for you to improve yourself.

Take action!

What is your weakest sales skill that is holding you back? Focus your efforts on improving that area until it becomes a habit. Once you have mastered that area, work on your next skill, and never stop improving. Over time you will see how Kaizen can bring your sales to a new level!

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