The One Sales Principle That Changes Everything

by | Mar 30, 2017

If I had to choose only one sales lesson to impart, it would be to adopt value selling. Sales for too long has been seen as pushing products onto people. Phrases such as “selling ice to Eskimos” and “Always Be Closing” have caused sales consultants to adopt pushy selling techniques, which in turn have created defensive buying behaviour. The idea of value selling has the potential to turn over a new leaf for the sales profession and your career. Here are three ways it will affect your results:

1. It increases your confidence to sell

We cannot sell what we don’t believe in. What we believe is a direct result of our sales philosophy. By adopting value selling principles, you will only sell your product to clients who will receive more value than the price they pay. Isn’t it much easier to sell to people who you know will be better off with your product than its alternatives? Your confidence will show in your words, tone, and body language. You will be a more effective sales consultant.

2. It transforms sales conversations

Note that selling value is not the same as selling benefits. Benefits are what a product does for clients, value is the end result. A laptop with a high-tech processor will give anyone using it the benefits of running programs faster. The value on the other hand, is dependent on the user. An individual with a business would derive far greater financial value from the computer than another who uses it only for leisure.

Think now about your sales presentations and consultations. If you apply value selling principles, what would you focus conversations on? You’ll talk less about the product and more about their pains. When you show your prospect how your product solves their problems, they can understand the relevance of your offer. Your sales conversations will never be the same!

3. It makes closing sales MUCH easier

Clearly demonstrating a return on investment (ROI) turns the decision into a “no brainer” for your prospect. If they spend $5,000 knowing it will produce $50,000, would you need fancy closing techniques to close the sale? I’m personally repulsed by the idea of manipulating people into buying, and I’m sure that you are too. No fancy words will be required if your proposal guarantees a positive ROI.

Take Action

Focus every part of your sales process to giving greater value than what you are asking for in return. It will increase your confidence, guide discussions, and make closing a breeze.

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