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Why People Hate Selling

Why people hate selling

“Why People Hate Selling” Transcript: Hi, this is Ben Lai from Sales Ethos. Today’s video is for managers. Specifically, managers of customer service staff and underperforming salespeople. I’m going to address the question “Why people hate selling.” Now, one of my key specialties is helping companies where they want their non-salespeople to learn how to […]

How to Use Call Volume as a Sales Performance Metric

How to Use Call Volume as a Sales Performance Metric

Sales Management Training “Sales is a numbers game” is a popular adage for sales managers. The thinking is that if you increase the call volume, that your team will close more deals. There is some truth to the saying, but how do you use this sales performance metric effectively? Today I’m going to discuss the […]

3 Ways Sales Management Can Immediately Increase Sales Motivation

3 Ways to Immediately Increase Sales Motivation

Sales Management Training The ups and downs of sales can quickly decrease staff morale. After all, they face rejection and possible failure on a daily basis. It begs the question: What is the best way to increase sales motivation? According to Daniel Pink in his book Drive, the old answer of “carrots and sticks” for […]

Should I Train or Fire an Underperforming Sales Rep? | Sales Management Training

Should I Train or Fire My Underperforming Sales Rep? | Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training In my consultations with sales management and company directors, I am frequently asked whether to train or fire sales reps who are not meeting sales targets. This is a HEAVY question! On the one hand, some consultants will improve greatly with training. On the other, some will never perform well, even with […]