3 Keys to Effective Sales Negotiations

3 Keys to Effective Sales Negotiations

You have conducted your analysis and presented your product. The sale is drawing near to the close, but first you must negotiate the terms of the agreement. How do you ensure that the deal is fair? How do you position yourself strongly without offending your prospect? Today I will share with you three keys to […]

Are Values and Sales Compatible?

Are Values and Sales Compatible?

What does it take to be successful in sales? In order to meet revenue quotas, sales managers will often apply high pressure on their team, which then flows on to clients. This can lead to the use of unethical and pushy sales tactics. Is it possible to make quota and preserve personal values at the […]

Sales Benefits Everybody

Sales Benefits Everybody | Corvette Story

There’s a story floating around the internet about a man who purchased a Corvette (a high priced car). Upon seeing the vehicle, an observer disapprovingly asked “I wonder how many people you could have fed for the money spent on the car?” The proud car owner replied “I am not sure… It fed the people […]

How to Make Sales Less Scary

How to Make Sales Less Scary

One of the key problems entrepreneurs face starting out is a fear of selling. I don’t blame them – when I first started out in sales, I was terrified to even pick up the phone… To speak to existing clients! To ensure that your company doesn’t join the list of failed ventures, it is imperative […]

3 Ways to Reduce Sales Resistance

As a result of negative stereotypes and actual life experiences, many of us can relate to putting up resistance to salespeople. Ironically, selling is the means by which we earn our living, regardless of your profession! (If employed, you have to “sell” your worth to your employer). To achieve career success, we must learn how […]

What Sales Integrity Means – Part 2

A recent survey demonstrated that of all professions, people trust salespeople the least1. This is unsurprising, given that many dodgy individuals have dragged the profession through the mud through their lack of integrity. It’s up to the rest of us to lift the profile of our noble profession so that the public and our clients […]

Three Words That Will Erode Your Sales Credibility

Sales professionals are wordsmiths. Our ability to masterfully string words together to illustrate, educate, and persuade is one of the critical tools of our trade. That said, I have noticed recently a trend of “crutch words” that sales consultants use to buffer their sentences. They serve no function in conveying their message, and even harm […]

How to Win the “Grand Final” Sale for Your Business

(Watch to the end of the video for a little surprise!) It’s Grand Final time in Australian Rules Football (AFL)! Amidst the excitement of the sport, there are many success lessons that we can learn and apply to business/sales. Today I will share with you just three: Maintain Discipline There is no doubt in my […]

Sales Professionals – Ask and You Shall Receive!

Fear of rejection is the single largest reason for failure in sales. We imagine the worst possible outcomes before we even take any action, often causing paralysis by analysis. Today my message to you is simple – if you don’t ask, you won’t receive! Here are some short stories to illustrate: Never Assume When I […]