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How to Sell an Intangible Product

How to Sell an Intangible Product

Transcript: Hi, it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos. Today I’m going to answer the question “How to Sell an Intangible Product.” I’ve been asked a couple of times over the last few weeks on how to sell an intangible product. Most people will tell me that they have no problem selling something physical. But, when […]

Are Sales Proposals Necessary?

Are Sales Proposals Necessary

Are Sales Proposals Necessary? Transcript: Sales Proposals Introduction Hi guys, it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos, thanks for joining us. Today I’m going to answer the question “Are sales proposals necessary?” We’re living in a day and age where relationship selling is quickly becoming the norm. And so some people are willing to do business […]

Guest Post: Tips for a Killer Sales Pitch that Blow Quotas out of the Park


This is a guest post by Tenfold The day of your sales pitch is drawing closer. You’re two parts scared, two parts excited about the whole situation. You just want to craft a killer sales pitch that will ensure the close. It’s a big one and you definitely don’t want to mess it up. This […]

How to Use Case Studies to Increase Sales

How to Use Case Studies to Increase Sales

Sales Training for Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs There’s a popular saying in sales that “Facts tell, stories sell.” It’s simple and true! You will persuade buyers more often by telling about happy clients than numbers and charts. This principle has been proven through the discovery of “social proof”1, whereby people look to others for evidence […]

Three Intangibles Every Sales Consultant Must Sell

With everyone claiming they have the best product & services, it is becoming increasingly difficult for sales consultants to truly differentiate their offering. When buyers can’t tell the difference, they often resort to buying from the company with the lowest price… That is, unless they know, like, and trust the sales consultant. Therein lies the […]

Three Steps to Handling Any Sales Objection

We all have concerns when making a purchase decision. To salespeople, these are often referred to as “objections,” which has a rather harsh association with arguing court lawyers. Whatever we call them, objections are simply reasons that will prevent our prospects from buying. If not handled properly, these thoughts can ultimately block the sale. Today […]

How to Win Sales as the Underdog

Win Sales as the Underdog

We love stories about underdogs. There’s something inspiring about fighting against all odds to emerge battered, bruised, and victorious. This heroism was demonstrated by the Western Bulldogs seizing the AFL Grand Final this week. When starting a new business, one of the major challenges to securing the sale is being the underdog. When you’re new, […]

How to Sell a Commodity Without Discounting

How to Sell a Commodity

How do you sell a commodity without discounting? Do you get stumped when prospects ask for a discount because a competitor is charging less? There’s a good chance they see your product as a commodity. “How do I sell a commodity*?” you may ask. That’s a very good question, let me share three ways you […]

The Three Keys to Persuasion

3 keys to persuasion

Whether you’re applying for a job, convincing your child to eat their vegetables, or proposing to your future life partner, one major skill is essential – you need to sell to the other person. Persuasion is at the very heart of sales. Regardless of your profession, your ability to sell will significantly influence your success. […]

Powerful Sales Presentations – the 3 P’s

Powerful Sales Presentations

Are your sales presentations lacklustre and unpersuasive? Want to deliver powerful sales presentations? While there are many ways to improve, I want to share three of our top tips that will turn your sales presentations into deal makers! And yes, they coincidentally all start with “P!” 1st Key to Powerful Sales Presentations: Preparation Don’t delude […]