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Learn about negotiating and closing the sale to boost your sales revenue. You will learn negotiation strategies and closing techniques.

Sales Professionals Are Negotiators

Sales Professionals Are Negotiators

Hi, it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos. Today I’m continuing on the series The Many Hats that Professional Salespeople Wear. In this topic we are going to talk about the negotiator and the mediator. Sales professionals are negotiators. When it comes time to closing the sale, you need to be thoroughly prepared for what you’re […]

What to Do When Prospects Ask For a Discount

What to Do When Prospects Ask For a Discount

What to Do When Prospects Ask For a Discount Transcript: Hey guys, it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos. With Black Friday coming to a close, I thought I would address the question “What to do when prospects ask for a discount.” Now mind you, most of the time when this question comes up, people are […]

Effective Sales Negotiations- The 3 Keys

3 Keys to Effective Sales Negotiations

You have conducted your analysis and presented your product. The sale is drawing near to the close, but first you must negotiate the terms of the agreement. How do you ensure that the deal is fair? How do you position yourself strongly without offending your prospect? Today I will share with you three keys to […]

Ask and You Shall Receive! Inspiration for Sales Professionals

Ask and You Shall Receive

Fear of rejection is the single largest reason for failure in sales. We imagine the worst possible outcomes before we even take any action, often causing paralysis by analysis. Today my message to you is simple – ask and you shall receive! Here are some short stories to illustrate: Ask and You Shall Receive Tip […]

Buying Cheap is Really Expensive!

Buying Cheap is Really Expensive

Are you selling products that are higher priced than your competitors? Chances are good that your prospects will say “your price is too high,” “I can’t afford it,” or “that’s a lot of money.” If you have ever heard these questions, I’d like to share a story of why buying cheap is really expensive! Buying […]

Closing Sales Techniques – How Important Are They?

“Always Be Closing” has been a popular sales mantra for decades. While there may be some credit to the phrase (e.g. asking for incremental commitments), undue emphasis has been placed on this for sales success. Today I’m going to share some ideas to balance the importance of using closing sales techniques. The Challenge with Closing […]

3 Non-Negotiable Principles for Sales Negotiations

In complex sales, skilful negotiation is a key tool in the salesperson’s repertoire. Experienced procurement officers are trained to extract the lowest possible price from you and your company. Unless you are well prepared, you may end up striking a deal you may later regret! Rather than being caught off guard, here are three non-negotiable […]

How to Sell Without Being Pushy

We’ve all been through it. We ask for the sale, and the prospect replies “Let me think about it…” We know in our hearts that this thinking period often means a slow but certain death to the sale, but how can you create urgency without being just another pushy salesperson? Not only does being pushy […]

How to Reduce Anxiety by Rethinking “Closing the Sale”

Closing the Sale Confidently

Closing the sale can be scary! You’ve spent hours consulting, discussing, and presenting your solution, and it’s time to close the sale. Both you and your prospect know that this is the time to make a decision, but anxiety and fear is running high. You fear rejection, the prospect fears making a bad buying decision. […]