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What Sales Integrity Means – Part 2

what sales integrity means

What does “sales integrity” mean? A recent survey demonstrated that of all professions, people trust salespeople the least1. This is unsurprising, given that many dodgy individuals have dragged the profession through the mud through their lack of integrity. It’s up to the rest of us to lift the profile of our noble profession so that […]

What Does Sales Integrity Mean?

What Does Sales Integrity Mean

What does sales integrity mean? When I spoke at Melbourne Business Network, I asked my audience of 30 people who they would hire. Would they hire a slightly arrogant experienced sales consultant? Or a trusted “greener” candidate? Evidently, the decision was unanimous. They all preferred the trustworthy individual. Personal integrity matters. Now I’m sure you […]

Integrity + Skills = Success

Integrity + Skills = Success

Integrity + Skills = Success. Here at Sales Ethos, it’s our mantra. Interestingly, it’s refreshing to see that more employers nowadays are hiring for attitude and training for skill. This trend recognises that positive people generally outperform negative people in the long-run. Skills can be taught, while attitudes are much harder to impart… But are […]

Why You Should NEVER Speak Badly About Competitors

Never speak badly about competitors

“What do you think of Company XYZ?” your prospect asks. What do you say? Do you tell them about the company’s flaws? Do you tell them about their product’s weaknesses? I sincerely hope you have avoided these temptations that many salespeople have fallen into… But if not, let today’s article be a turning point for […]

When Self-Interest in Sales is Good

Self-Interest in Sales

Is there a place for self-Interest in sales? This is going to sound like an absolute contradiction to Integrity Selling, but I believe that all people are inherently self-interested. Before you get offended at my apparent cynicism of humanity, I’m not trying to support Gordon Gekko’s famous quote: “Greed is good.” What I am saying […]

Resolving the “Truthful Salesman” Paradox

Truthful Salesman Paradox

When I wrote about “Integrity Selling,” I suggested that for salespeople, working with integrity meant speaking and acting truthfully. In a profession where our primary role is to move products and generate revenue, this advice can sound like a complete contradiction. How can you maximise sales if you’re telling the whole truth, all the time? […]

Integrity Selling: A New Era of Sales

Integrity Selling

Introduction to Integrity Selling Over the last few decades, salespeople have been drilled to use heavy handed tactics to coerce and badger people into buying their products. For example, the well-known adage of selling: “Always Be Closing,” has been the mantra of countless sales organisations. For a time, these methods were effective because salespeople held […]