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Do People Really Buy Emotionally?

When I first heard that “People buy emotionally and justify with logic,” I couldn’t help but feel a little insulted. “I’m a rational person,” I consoled myself. “When I buy something, it’s because there’s a good reason for it.” Then I started thinking about my last purchase… Evidence #1: The Coffee Grinder My last purchase […]

Social Intelligence in Sales

Social Intelligence Sales

Social intelligence in sales is often overlooked. Previoiusly in “The Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson,” I wrote about how we as salespeople can handle our emotions for better performance. Being emotionally intelligent forms the foundation for Social Intelligence. Subsequently, its simplest definition is being able to get along well with others. Even though it’s a complex topic, […]

The Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson

Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson

In his book “Emotional Intelligence,” Daniel Goleman puts forward a compelling case that this type of intellect is far better at predicting success than IQ. With the turbulence of emotions salespeople experience every day, it would pay generously (literally!) for us to become familiar and apply the concepts to our practice. Today I’m going to […]

Empathy in Sales

Empathy in sales

Introduction to Empathy in Sales The profession of sales requires a greater level of people skills than any other profession. Incredible amounts of social finesse are required in every step of the sales process. For example, you need empathy in sales when you’re asking for an initial appointment. Or, when you’re gaining trust and rapport. […]