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Ben Lai is an introverted sales trainer. Starting his career in nursing, he brought three unique attributes to the sales profession. Firstly, he introduced the care factor. Secondly, he brought scientific and evidence-based practices. Finally, Ben introduced integrity as core to sales ethics.


Ben Lai became a sales trainer and founded Sales Ethos in 2013 (then called “Success Partners”). Since then, he has helped numerous introverts to sell authentically and ethically. As a result of delivering Sales Training for Introverts to his clients, they have enjoyed significant increases in sales revenue and client satisfaction.


Ben Lai enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. In addition to sales and business, his other hobbies include personal development, health and wellness, and great coffee.

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Lois Chia brings experience from retail sales, leadership, entrepreneurship, and the music/entertainment industries. She joins Sales Ethos after being mentored by Dan Lok, who is an internationally recognised business entrepreneur and influencer. As a result of Lois’ Ultra High Ticket Closing skills, she can more effectively make a difference in the lives of her clients.


Creativity and human psychology are Lois’ forte. In addition, she understands the power of building relationships, influence and the ability to negotiate in sales. These skills require being tactful and diplomatic. Lois believes that in order to persuade prospects, she needs to win their hearts, minds, and most importantly, trust. She has helped clients achieve fantastic results and has implemented many successful projects.


Lois is passionate about music, personal development (both reading and taking courses), and entrepreneurship.


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Each segment of our logo represents the partnership between three parties: Sales Ethos, our clients, and our clients’ clients. Through a Win-Win-Win mindset, these create a continuous cycle of value. As a result, all entities and society will prosper.


The word “Ethos” comes from ancient Greek wisdom. It stands for “the way we do things” (our culture), and represents values, integrity, and good character. In addition to the three parts representing partnerships, they also signify the three key aspects of persuasion: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. In other words, our sales training teaches the holistic use of credibility, emotions, and logic.


Our vision is to transform the way people think about and go about selling. Therefore, sales needs to go from the least trusted to most respected profession.



Love is a verb. It is sacrifice. In other words, client interests come first. We will love them as we love ourselves. For example, we treat each other and our clients like family. Further, we value compassion, and always look for win-win-win outcomes.


We keep our promises, tell the truth, and behave authentically. In addition, we fulfil these values even when it is uncomfortable to do so, and even when no one will find out. Therefore, we are honest with ourselves and others.


We foster a “growth mindset.” In other words, we are always open to new ideas and ways to improve ourselves. We accept both constructive feedback and positive affirmations. In addition, we treat others as equals, being neither superior nor inferior to them. We acknowledge both our weaknesses and strengths.

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