Have you ever hired a sales keynote speaker who was entertaining, but lacked substance? Or have you hired someone who had great content, but were unable to stir up the team to action? Finding the right person for your sales kickoff event can be challenging. You need someone who can provide practical guidance on the latest sales techniques. On the other hand, they must deliver it with such gusto that it rubs off on your team! Don’t settle for the cheapest – hire someone with solid content who can inspire your team. Recruiting the right person will ensure that you see a return for your investment!

Sales Keynote Speaker: The Noblest Profession

Ben Lai is the go-to expert in ethical selling. With his keynote “The Noblest Profession,” he will instill a sense of pride into your team. First, Ben will debunk the top 3 myths about sales success. This will uproot any negative perceptions your team has about the selling profession. As a result, this will clear the way for re-thinking sales as a profession.

Secondly, he will define what integrity is. This is critical as most people don’t have a proper understanding of what this entails. In turn, Ben Lai will demonstrate why ethical selling is the only path to sales success. As a result, their conviction about selling will be clear on a subconscious level, freeing them to sell as much as they can.

Finally, Ben will unveil the “Law of Value,” which puts client interests’ at the forefront. Your team will see how their ethical selling efforts are making a difference for their clients, themselves, and their company. The understanding and application of this law will single-handedly transform the way your team sells!

Ben Lai, Sales Keynote Speaker Summary:

✔ Entertains and inspires your team to better performance

✔ Provides practical advice that can be applied immediately

✔ Explains complex concepts simply, to create a deeper conviction in ethical selling


Sales Keynote Speaker Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from having Ben Lai's as their sales keynote speaker?

Who would benefit from having Ben Lai’s as their sales keynote speaker?

Ben Lai as a sales keynote speaker can benefit anyone who wants to improve their sales. That said, we have found that the people who gain the most value are those in non-sales roles. They may be in customer service or technical support roles. Many sales professionals and entrepreneurs have also benefited greatly from Ben’s seminars.

Typically, the key issue we solve is guilt associated with selling. Many professionals feel that selling is annoying for their prospects. As such, they will self-sabotage their efforts, or sound apologetic on the phone. These beliefs and attitudes will inhibit their ability to sell. Hiring Ben Lai as your sales keynote speaker will help to alleviate this problem and replace it with a sense of pride in selling!

What is involved to hire Ben as my next sales keynote speaker?

What is involved to hire Ben as my next sales keynote speaker?

At Sales Ethos, we want to make sure that our sales keynote speaker engagements have the maximum possible impact for your team and company. To this end, Ben Lai will customise as much as he can to your team’s industry and circumstances.

The first step is to contact us with your requirements. Ben will ask you qualifying questions to ensure that there is initially a good fit. If so, he will book an in-depth consultation with you to ensure that all the boxes are ticked before discussing the investment and logistics.

Where is Ben Lai willing to travel?

Where is Ben Lai willing to travel?

Ben Lai is available to speak Australia-wide. This includes Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and much more. He is also available for international speaking engagements. To check Ben’s availablilty, contact us here.

Why hire Ben?

Why hire Ben?

Ben Lai’s specialty is in ethical selling for introverts. Having a sales keynote speaker that resonates with your company’s and team’s ethos is critical to the application of teachings. In other words, if they are suggesting using methods that conflicts with your team’s beliefs, they simply won’t apply it!

As a natural introvert, Ben Lai understands viscerally the challenges that non-sales staff face. Beginning with nothing but a desire to be successful in sales, he pushed through the emotions that sought to curtail his new career path. As a result, Ben can relate to call reluctance, fear, and rejection that comes with sales. He will connect with your team like few others can!

What other topics can Ben present on?

What other topics can Ben present on?

The following topics form the core of our sales training:

  1. How to Sell as an Introvert
  2. How to Network and Book More Sales Appointments Fearlessly
  3. How to Sell Consultatively
  4. How to Present and Sell Your Solution Persuasively
  5. How to Handle Sales Objections Tactfully
  6. How to Negotiate and Close the Sale Confidently
  7. How to Wow Clients and Gain Sales Referrals Naturally
  8. Advanced: How to Sell to Corporations Strategically
  9. Personal Development: How to Maximise Sales Performance Mentally
  10. Personal Development: How Sales Consultants Manage Emotions Resiliently
  11. Time Management: How to Prioritise Purposefully
  12. Time Management: How to Beat Procrastination Scientifically


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