Top 3 Predictions for the Sales Profession in 2019

Top 3 Predictions for the Sales Profession in 2019

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The sales profession is continuously changing. As sales professionals, we must adapt to stay relevant to our clients. While it may feel a little early to be talking about 2019, it would be prudent for us to begin preparations to ensure our success in the years to come. Without further ado, here are my top three predictions for the sales profession in 2019:

Sales Prediction #1: Online lead generation methods are going to increase

As new technologies develop, methods for sales prospecting will change. Prior to phones, sales professionals knocked on doors. E-mail technology followed, complementing phone sales efforts. We now have tools such as LinkedIn to make connections to decision makers, accompanied by websites that allow us to research companies within seconds. As these tools develop, new avenues of lead generation will open up to sales professionals.

You can start preparing yourself now by sprucing up your LinkedIn profile. Firstly, make sure that you have a professional portrait. Next, update all available fields in your profile. Finally, continuously contribute valuable content for your connections and prospective readers. This may also be a good time to start sharpening your writing skills on industry topics!

You may also consider using tools such as Google News or Google Trends to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. Contributing to industry groups on social media is another way to make soft introductions to potential prospects. With so many options available, pick one to develop at a time.

Sales Prediction #2: The need for personal connections is going to increase

The higher tech we become, the higher touch we will need to be. Ultimately, people do business with people. This means that technology can only achieve so much in building trust with potential buyers. In order to be a successful sales professional in 2019, you will need to continue nurturing your personal network and relationships with your clients.

Are you currently attending business networking functions on a regular basis? It may be time to sign up for one relevant to your field! Additionally, are you keeping in tough regularly with past and present clients? Find ways to continuously contribute value to these people, and you will secure your sales career for 2019 and beyond!

Sales Prediction #3: The need for personal development is going to increase

As competition rises, the need to be at the top of our game increases. After all, personal relationships are most fruitful when we develop a character that people can trust. There are an unlimited number of resources available for us to develop our people skills, sales techniques, and personal performance. The time to start your Kaizen journey is now!

Purchase books relevant to the profession or your industry. Attend seminars that will sharpen and update your skills. Listen to audio books or podcasts. Even if you read/listen for 15 minutes a day, the long-term benefits will continuously stack up. This will ensure that 2019 will be a great year for you!

Summary of Top 3 Predictions for the Sales Profession in 2019

Technology is going to continuously develop, creating new avenues of lead generation for sales professionals. In spite of this, salespeople will need to continuously nurture their relationships with prospects and clients to be successful. Finally, sales professionals will need to engage in continuous development to be at the top of their game. Pick one of these areas to work on immediately, and secure your results for 2019!

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