Sales Training Testimonial & Case Study: Blamey Saunders Hears

At its inception, Blamey Saunders disrupted the hearing aid industry by offering premium hearing aids at a fraction of the price of competitors. Their hiring strategy focused on finding compassionate and technically minded individuals to serve clients. These individuals were also tasked with sales of hearing aids, which revealed a significant gap in sales skills. This meant that every month, tens of thousands of dollars were left to competitors to enjoy.

Sales Training Intervention

(Sales Ethos) worked with Blamey Saunders for 2 years. They ran coaching sessions, seminars, and consulted on sales processes. Staff were trained on selling with integrity, always putting clients’ interests first. The content was a perfect fit for the culture of the company, which meant that uptake and implementation was rapid.

Sales Training Results

Sales Ethos implemented a follow up strategy that ensured that prospects were looked after continuously. They implemented a tracking system, which allowed Blamey Saunders to measure sales efforts and improvements. Staff diligently and compassionately assisted prospects with purchases using follow up systems recommended by Sales Ethos.

Since Oct 2016, Blamey Saunders enjoyed a rise of $1.46M in sales revenue through outbound efforts alone. This did not account for increases in inbound leads (which were harder to measure), and came with no additional marketing spend.

“(Sales Ethos) ongoing approach to sales training, with incremental learning, has helped our teams to maintain a strong focus on improving their skills and performance in sales environments. (Sales Ethos) has brought a high level of knowledge and expertise that challenges the traditional sales training platform, and is more suited for the 21st century. The method of ongoing training sessions ensures that the training is being properly implemented, and that there are tangible results for the team.” – Mark Bellhouse, Head of Sales and Marketing

Sales Coaching Testimonial & Case Study: Gavin Hopper, ICEF

Gavin worked as a sales contractor for ICEF for 10 years. He consistently met sales targets, selling $400,000 per annum. In spite of his success, Gavin felt like he could have been doing more. He engaged with Sales Ethos for sales coaching in the search for self-improvement.

Sales Coaching Intervention

Together, Gavin and Sales Ethos set an ambitious goal to achieve $800,000 in sales over the next 12 months. Each week they spoke on the phone. Sales Ethos provided Gavin with the required tools, accountability, and strategies to keep focused and motivated on achieving the goal. As a result, Gavin developed new personal habits that enabled him to reach new heights of achievement.’

Results of Sales Coaching

After 10 months, Gavin had achieved and exceeded the $800,000 target, placing him at 2nd top performer globally. In addition to higher commissions, Gavin felt greater fulfilment knowing that he had grown and pushed himself to greater heights.