Resolving the “Truthful Salesman” Paradox

Truthful Salesman Paradox

When I wrote about “Integrity Selling,” I suggested that for salespeople, working with integrity meant speaking and acting truthfully. In a profession where our primary role is to move products and generate revenue, this advice can sound like a complete contradiction. How can you maximise sales if you’re telling the whole truth, all the time? […]

Getting Past Gatekeepers – 3 Tips for Salespeople

Getting Past Gatekeepers

Okay, I’ll admit it upfront – the title of this article is slightly misleading. The reason I’m writing is that I can relate to the dread being blocked from speaking to prospects by gatekeepers. I want to offer some help as someone who specialised in appointment setting for 3 years. The title is misleading because our […]

Think Like an Entrepreneur Salespeople!

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Salespeople, think like an entrepreneur! This will be one of the greatest changes you can make to your career. By contrast, the employee mindset says “someone else is responsible.” “My job is just to close the sale.” Or, “I’ll just sell as much as I need to stay employed.” The entrepreneur mindset however, says “I […]

Empathy in Sales

Empathy in sales

Introduction to Empathy in Sales The profession of sales requires a greater level of people skills than any other profession. Incredible amounts of social finesse are required in every step of the sales process. For example, you need empathy in sales when you’re asking for an initial appointment. Or, when you’re gaining trust and rapport. […]

Integrity Selling: A New Era of Sales

Integrity Selling

Introduction to Integrity Selling Over the last few decades, salespeople have been drilled to use heavy handed tactics to coerce and badger people into buying their products. For example, the well-known adage of selling: “Always Be Closing,” has been the mantra of countless sales organisations. For a time, these methods were effective because salespeople held […]

Selling Benefits vs. Selling Value

Selling Benefits vs. Selling Value

Introduction Traditional sales training has done a fantastic job at teaching salespeople about the differences between selling features and benefits. Benefits are far more persuasive because they translate features into a simple language. This enables prospects to connect your product to the desired outcomes. But will all prospects enjoy your product’s benefits equally? In today’s […]

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Is money the root of all evil

Is money the root of all evil? It certainly seems to be the case in our mainstream media. Every so often we see news articles like “Greedy CEO Cheats Thousands of Life Savings,” or “Corrupt Politician Misappropriates Taxpayer Funds.” It’s no wonder that our culture associates wealth with greed, corruption, and amorality. However, this paradigm […]

“It’s not what you know, nor who you know, but who you are” that counts

It's not what you know

It’s not what you know: The Wisdom When it comes to sales and career success, the old adage is that “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” It’s a very useful phrase that highlights the importance of your personal relationships over your technical skills. It highlights that your ability to gain favour with […]

3 Reasons Batman is a Terrible Professional Role Model

Don’t get me wrong, I love Batman. Since I was a little boy I have collected his comics, followed his TV shows, played his video games, and watched his movies. Though human, he possesses god-like abilities (enthusiasts debate emphatically that he would even defeat the invincible Superman in battle due to his superior intellect!). As I continue to follow his stories, Bruce Wayne’s double-life […]