Sales Management Training

The move from salesperson to sales manager is a wonderful opportunity – congratulations! You can now share your experiences with your team. Further, you have been recognised as a leader in your business. Hence, sales management training is the next crucial step in consolidating your career.

This new role will require your sales acumen and much more. However, more building blocks are required to take on management. Especially relevant skills include coaching, and guiding your team. Because each salesperson develops differently, you will need to be highly adaptive. Effective management requires tailoring your approach to each individual. At the same time, you will need to create and motivating a cohesive team.

Sales management training with Sales Ethos will give you the tools to develop these skills. Applied properly, your success will be assured!

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How Sales Ethos Conducts Sales Management Training

Ben Lai founded Melbourne-based Sales Ethos in 2013. Because of prevalent unethical sales practices, one key goal was to redefine sales management training. Our holistic approach focuses on the manager as an individual. In addition, we consider how your values influence the way you direct their team. Ben will work directly with you on accomplishing company and individual goals.

Sales Ethos conducts 1-to-1 coaching sessions. These are designed to help you improve your leadership skills. These are not seminars or classes. Firstly, we will seek to understand your key goals and challenges. Secondly, Sales Ethos will help you define markers for success. This includes setting the right sales KPI’s. Finally, we will review your progress weekly or fortnightly to ensure these goals are being achieved. As a result, you will grow as a person and as a company!

Working with Ben and Sales Ethos is an investment for the long-term. The principles you learn will serve you for years to come!

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Managing Sales with Integrity – The Sales Ethos Way

What values drive each sales interaction? Further, how did they influence communication with clients? These questions will help you define and implement your company’s values. Beware, your team will follow your example!

Every salesperson has the choice to sell in an honest, ethical way. Yet, they often look to managers for guidance on ethics. Sales Ethos teaches managers how to sell and lead with integrity. Naturally, the team will do the same.

Integrity forms the core of all our training. As a result, each member of your team will truly believe in what they are selling. Our training will give you a road map to bringing these beliefs to your team. Consequently, you will encourage genuine and honest interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sales Management Training For?

If you hold responsibility over staff with sales responsibilities, this program is for you! This 1-to-1 coaching program is designed to help you learn essential management skills. Consequently, this will help you bridge the gap from great salesperson to sales manager!

Is Sales Management Training Effective?

Every great leader must develop skills through education and guidance. Sales management coaching with Sales Ethos will provide you personalised plans and processes. As a result, you will more adaptable to the changing world of sales.

Sales Ethos’ founder Ben Lai has thoroughly researched psychology, management, and sales. Due to this broad knowledge, his knowledge and experience will help you excel in your new role!

Why Choose Sales Management Training from Sales Ethos?

Sales Ethos’ ethics drive everything we do. We get it, increasing sales revenue is critical to a business’ success. However, we believe it is achieved through uncompromising values. As a result, morals are interwoven into everything we teach in our courses.

Our sales management coaching is based around the idea of putting staff first. This leads to them prioritising clients. Consequently, your business’ bottom line will be looked after.

Another core philosophy we hold is delivering more value than the price we are paid. This means that we are committed to giving you a positive ROI. This is achieved through putting in the right measures and accountability.

Where is Sales Management Training Held?

You have two options for sales management training with Sales Ethos. You may choose to conduct the sessions over the phone, or in-person.