The One Key to Sales Success

One Key to Sales Success

There are hundreds of factors that will contribute to your career success. I once saw an article entitled “The 30 Habits of Successful People,” which seemed a little too heavy reading for me at the time. While these articles have some credit, there is one factor that ultimately determines our success, and is often overlooked and underappreciated. The one key to sales success is other people.

The One Key to Sales Success: People

Businesses don’t buy products – people do. This one factor alone demands that sales professionals hone our people skills above any other. Understanding human behaviour and psychology will help you to close more sales than technical, industry, or company knowledge. Bearing this in mind, your sales presentations will be less focused on facts and figures (though still important), and more on emotional reasons. Rather than pitching benefits to the company alone, you will consider how the sale will affect the individual. You will focus on developing healthy win-win relationships with your clients. Remember that whenever you sell, you are selling to a person, and that person is of great importance to you.

People are precious

One faith principle I learned very early on in life is that people are inherently and incredibly valuable. Everyone, yes, everyone, is worthy our attention, respect, and care. I brought this into my career as a nurse, and it has served me well in the world of selling as well. While there are many humans on this planet that we would like to simply disappear from existence, this cynical attitude will not help your career. In addition, this mindset will require a complete paradigm shift to change.

Here’s a great principle to help change the paradigm: assume the best of people until proven otherwise. Yes, people will disappoint. Sometimes, you may get hurt or taken advantage of. The great news is that this happens far less than we would fear. By assuming the best in people, they return in kind their best selves. Treat your clients like they are precious, because they simply are.

People are your support

Gone are the days of “Lone Wolf Salespeople.” Selling is a team effort. That means you will need to align yourself with your colleagues, manager, and even your family to create a support network. By having these people by your side, you will be emotionally healthier. Your workload will feel lighter, and you will make sales more easily. Realising these facts will help you express your appreciation to these people more, and they will certainly reciprocate!

One Key to Sales Success: Conclusion

People are the key to your success. They are inherently valuable and worthy of your care. By showing your appreciation the fellow humans in your life, you will secure for yourself the key to long-lasting sales success!

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