Customer Service Training Melbourne

If your business is rapidly growing, your customer service representatives will probably have many hats to wear. One frequently unnoticed responsibility is handling sales enquiries. Sales Ethos’ customer service training in Melbourne will upskill your staff to handle this and their core roles effectively.

Customer service representatives require numerous skill sets. For example, they need to be effective communicators, organisers, and salespeople. When you put customer service representatives on your front line, you give them a job that requires proper handling of sales enquiries. Customer service representatives aren’t under-qualified; they just require additional skills to perform all of the new tasks that come with sales duties.

Give your customer service team the tools they need to effectively communicate and sell. They need to be both professional and amicable. Customer service training is an investment in your team and your business. With Sales Ethos, you can invest in courses that build an ethical, professional team of customer service representatives who are proficient in selling.

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Core Customer Service Training, Melbourne

Foundation courses are available to sharpen your team’s customer service skills. Our Customer Service Training Course will teach essential communication and interpersonal skills. The benefits will stretch to both your team members and the customers that they speak to. The end result will be greater staff and customer satisfaction.

In this course, we cover how to work with customers and your their own behaviour to create a positive customer experience. After all, customer service is more than just what your team members say. In order to maximise their productivity and effectively handle customer expectations, team members need to master the art of self-management. They will be taught emotional intelligence and mental performance, enabling them to handle a wide range of customers. In this course, we will also address handling difficult customers amicably.

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Customer Service Sales Training, Melbourne

When you are confident in your team’s ability to provide excellent customer service, you can build on these skills with our Customer Service Sales Training. We will lead your customer service team through the sales process. For example, they will be proficient from handling sales enquiries to closing sales. We take a look at how to handle different sales objections and how to handle them. At the same time, your team will offer options and solutions confidently to customers.

Our teachings lead with integrity. We will show your team how you can use ethical practices to improve numbers without sacrificing your business’ and their values. Prepare your customer service team for sales enquiries with the right knowledge and skills. As a result, your product will be put in the best light while creating a positive experience. Your customers will be sure to keep coming back to your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Attend Sales Ethos' Customer Service Training, Melbourne?

Any member of your team who handles customer interactions can benefit from our customer service training. We will work directly to customer service representatives, whether or not they hold single or multiple responsibilities within your company.

Which Customer Service Training Course Is More Appropriate for My Team?

When you are choosing a course, look at your team’s roles and current skill sets. If you want to equip your customer service team with skills to have a positive interaction, and focus solely on those interpersonal skills, choose our Customer Service Training Course. These will provide a solid foundation for making each customer feel like they are valued by your business.

If you have given your customer service team extra selling responsibilities, opt for the Customer Service Sales Training Course. This course still integrates customer service skills, but applies these skills directly to the sales process. The Customer Service Sales Training Course is a great way to build on your team’s already strong customer service skills.

Why Choose Customer Service Training from Sales Ethos?

Sales Ethos isn’t solely about closing the sale or boosting numbers. Our ethics drive everything we do and everything we teach in our courses.

At Sales Ethos, integrity is king. Our courses are based around the idea of selling with integrity to create sustainable success. A quick and dirty sale only promises short-term wins, while an honest approach creates a lifetime relationship.

Our ethics follow us through every step of the process. We understand that our courses are an investment and that your business is looking to maximise return on investment.

Where Are Sales Ethos’ Customer Service Courses Held?

Our customer service training is primarily delivered in Melbourne. We bring our customer service training to your premises to increase productivity and overall retention. Customer service training at a client’s premises has many advantages. Schedules tend to be more flexible and can be completed in more frequent, shorter sessions. In addition, your business can save time and money on transportation. We bring the expertise to you!