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3 Non-Negotiable Principles for Sales Negotiations

In complex sales, skilful negotiation is a key tool in the salesperson’s repertoire. Experienced procurement officers are trained to extract the lowest possible price from you and your company. Unless you are well prepared, you may end up striking a deal you may later regret! Rather than being caught off guard, here are three non-negotiable […]

Why You Should be Proud of Profit

Have you ever found yourself chatting with friends about how ridiculous profit margins for some products are? I have heard it said that a pair of Nike shoes costs only $5 to manufacture (it’s actually ~$30), after which all those present lift their noses condescendingly at the “greed” of the corporation. It’s no wonder that […]

Are You a Leader in Sales?

It brings me great joy to see the new paradigms salespeople are adopting in today’s marketplace. I often encourage my audiences to see themselves as a “doctor of selling,” expert consultant, and in a relationship with their clients. There is however, another level of salesmanship that transcends these frameworks – being a sales leader. What […]

3 Ways to Immediately Increase Your Sales Credibility

In my article “The Three Keys to Persuasion,” I wrote that credibility is the most important factor your prospects will consider before buying from you. How do you increase your credibility? While there are numerous factors that people will subconsciously consider, here are my top three ways you can immediately increase your sales credibility: Look […]