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Overcome the Fear of Failure in Sales in 3 Steps

Overcome the Fear of Failure in Sales in 3 Steps

Sales Training for Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals Your ability to overcome the fear of failure in your sales career will have a significant impact on your success. If left unchallenged, it will prevent you from making necessary sales calls (a.k.a. call reluctance). The fear of failure can cause anxiety during sales opportunities. Most importantly, it […]

How to Sell on LinkedIn in Three Simple Steps

How to Sell on LinkedIn in 3 Simple Steps

Sales Training for B2B Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs Selling on LinkedIn is quickly replacing cold calling as the most effective means of prospecting. Buyers prefer this because it is less intrusive. After all, they can answer if and when they are interested rather than being interrupted. The lower level of imposition is preferred by sellers […]

Top 3 Practical Sales Tips for Startups

Top 3 Practical Sales Tips for Startups

After creating a product or service, your first priority must be finding your first clients. Cash is the lifeblood of the startup, and your savings/capital will not last long without it. If you find yourself unsure where to start with your sales and marketing efforts, today’s article will provide three practical sales tips for you […]

How to Immediately Increase Sales in Two Simple Steps

In my work with small to medium businesses, I have noticed that there are two common practices that almost literally leave money on the table. These are not difficult to change, and sometimes all it takes is a little awareness to make a difference. Today I will share with you two actions that will immediately […]

How to Network Like a Pro

Business networking is a booming industry. It is certainly a comfortable and natural way to generate referrals and potential sales opportunities. Ironically, attending with the intent of creating business can sabotage your efforts. If attendees smell your neediness, it will turn them away from you. Today I will share with you three mental shifts that […]

3 Ways to Earn a Decision Makers’ Attention

Articles about how “cold calling is dead” are plentiful. It’s a convincing argument – we can all relate to being bombarded by calls from people trying to peddle their products and take up our time. Nevertheless, the phone remains a critical tool in the sales consultant’s repertoire. If cold calls are dead, then it makes […]

The one thing you should NEVER say on a cold call

3 things never to say on a cold call

Cold calling is one of the most dreaded aspects of sales. I have already written posts about getting past gatekeepers and defrosting the cold call, but there are still numerous ways we can improve and polish our initial approaches. Today I’m going to share with you one of the most common phrases I have heard […]