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Will Technology Replace Sales Professionals in the Future?

Will Technology Replace Sales Professionals in the Future?

Transcript: Hi guys, it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos. Today I’m going to address the question “Will sales professionals be made redundant by technology in the future?” The Threat to Sales Professionals With the advances in technology, marketers are getting more information than ever before to specifically target who it is that they want to […]

Why Ethical Sales Part 1: It’s hard to be unethical and happy

Why Ethical Sales Pt 1

Transcript: Hi, it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos. Today’s topic is “Why Ethical Sales?” You may have noticed that my company name “Sales Ethos” actually translates to “the way that we do things.” The word ethos actually has very strong ties to the word ethics. One of my visions is that the sales culture of […]

Interview with Dr Abramson: Is Money the Root of all Evil?

Is money the root of all evil

Transcript for Is Money the Root of all Evil? Click here for Dr Rachel Abramson’s website Ben Lai Welcome back guys. This is Ben Lai from Sales Ethos, and I’ve got with me again Dr. Rachel Abramson. My question for you today Dr. Rachel is… Can I call you doctor? Or should I just call you […]

Sales Benefits Everybody

Sales Benefits Everybody | Corvette Story

There’s a story floating around the internet about a man who purchased a Corvette (a high priced car). Upon seeing the vehicle, an observer disapprovingly asked “I wonder how many people you could have fed for the money spent on the car?” The proud car owner replied “I am not sure… It fed the people […]

A Very Dangerous Story (The Mexican Fisherman)

There’s a nice little story called The Mexican Fisherman making its way through the Internet. It teaches about the importance of enjoying life and the irony of materialism. While it bears a good message, there are some very dangerous underlying concepts that if internalised, can keep you from achieving your full potential. Problematic Paradigms The […]

3 Keys to Doubling Your Income

Double your income

It may sound lofty, but doubling your income is simpler (not easier!) than it sounds. Think about it for a moment – what was your earning capacity when you graduated high school? Minimum wage in Australia is currently around $33,000/yr1. If you then studied in an educational institution, say accounting, your income capacity would be […]

Sales Lessons from “The Miller, His Son, and the Donkey”

As sales consultants, we face rejection every time we make a sales call. Our emotions and ego are put on the line. This risk is part and parcel of the job (and life!). To be successful, we need to develop “thick skin” to endure and reinterpret rejection. This reality is nothing new. The following story […]

How Love in Sales Can Transform Your Results

love in sales

Love in sales may sound strange, but it’s surprisingly relevant! Love is the most profound emotional state that we experience as humans. While researching emotional intelligence and its influence in sales, I learned that empathy is king. How can we increase our empathy? At the risk of sounding corny and fluffy, I want to suggest […]