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Interview: How to Charge What You’re Worth

How to Charge What You're Worth

Click here for Dr Rachel Abramson’s website How to Charge What You’re Worth: Introduction Ben Lai: Welcome back. It’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos, and I’ve got Dr. Rachel Abramson joining us again today. Dr. Rachel Abramson: G’day! Ben Lai:  So Rachel today, my question for you is; we talked about people charging what they’re […]

Why You Should Collaborate with Competitors

Why You Should Collaborate with Competitors

Sales Training for Entrepreneurs This is probably going to be the craziest advice you’ll hear all week… But yes, I’m recommending that you pick up the phone, call your direct competitors, and offer to buy them coffee. Before you commit me to Melbourne’s business coach mental hospital, here are a few personal examples for you […]

Considerations for Entrepreneurs when Hiring a Salesperson

Considerations when hiring a salesperson

When a business begins earning enough revenue to hire employees, the decision to hire a salesperson can be a difficult one. The biggest question for the director is “will this person sell much more than what we’re paying them?” Today’s article will provide you just a few considerations when defining and hiring a salesperson. Hiring […]

Why Every Solopreneur Must Learn How to Sell

Solopreneur How to Sell

We are living in a golden age of business. With the invention of the internet, creating a successful enterprise has never been more viable. Today’s article is dedicated to the courageous solopreneurs, who account for 61 per cent of Australian businesses. It’s an exciting but tough journey. With statistics showing that half of start-ups dropped […]

How 14 Years of Depression Prepared Me for Business

How Depression Prepared Me for Business

As a youth I had loving parents, respectable school results, and a supportive network of friends. To the outsider, there was no way to tell that I was going through one of the most excruciating emotions that a human can experience. For 14 years, I battled with chronic depression. My story today is how depression […]

Think Like an Entrepreneur Salespeople!

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Salespeople, think like an entrepreneur! This will be one of the greatest changes you can make to your career. By contrast, the employee mindset says “someone else is responsible.” “My job is just to close the sale.” Or, “I’ll just sell as much as I need to stay employed.” The entrepreneur mindset however, says “I […]